Richard Branson-A Successful Entrepreneur with Dyslexia

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65 year old billionaire with the reading malady, who even cannot perceive the meaning of the read words, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is today’s renowned creator and owner of one of the global leading business conglomerates- the ‘Virgin Group’.

Born in Blackheath London, Richard Branson was not a child of an affluent family. They had to fight back to make both ends meet. He is one of the efficacious investors and businesspersons who faced quite challenging circumstances in childhood. He was the first child in the suffering from dyslexia but he got supportive parents. In one of his entrepreneurship talks, he mentioned, ‘my mother told me that I would miss all the shots that I didn’t take.’

Despite all the weak notes of his life, he has guts to socialize with others around him. All his entrepreneurial skills are surprisingly matchless. He truly believes in ‘think success and it will happen’ and at 16 he took his first fight to make ground-breaking records in business world. And, putting behind his poor academic performance, he launched “The Student” magazine.

Robert Drayson, his school headmaster, told him ‘he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire.’ Fortunate he is! According to Forbes, as of May 2015, $5 billion is the estimated net worth of Sir Richard Branson.

At the age of 23, Branson was a successful billionaire entrepreneur. Virgin Records was a gigantic ‘an overnight success’ for the young enthusiast.

In this century, Sir Richard’s Virgin Group is winged around more than 50 countries. At present, Virgin branded industries range from music to travel, leisure, mobile telephony, financial services, health & wellness and lot more. More than 400 companies have been associated with this international investment brand.

In the face of all reading problems he made an effort to break several world records. He was passionate about setting goals and to win the fame in all fields of his interest. He became the first man to cross the highest Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon. He received wide media coverage when he attempted the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing. He beat the record as a ‘Virgin Atlantic Challenger’ by two hours.

This Britain’s, in fact, world’s one of the highest profile billionaires, also made a lot many efforts to fly around the globe in a balloon but unfortunately they were failed. Other than all these exertions, he also made record in London Marathon, he ran for 5 hours and 2 minutes. Apart from all these industrial and courageous records, he also grabbed the attention of viewers as the star of the reality show. In a number of television series and movies he achieved a great success and received numerous national and international awards.

In addition to all his adventurous and victorious struggles, he has also been awarded with the prestigious degree of “Doctor of Technology” from Loughborough University, England. Remember, he was a dyslexia chick who dropped out from the school at very early age.

Richard Branson is also an enthusiastic charitable and generous contributor. Moreover, he worked on numerous educational and peace projects specifically in Africa. He has also been ranked among the ‘Top 100 most influential people in the world’ who authored number of books as well.

He often portrayed his eminent-self by performing crazy and indifferent stunts to initiate his companies. For instance, he danced along with cheerleaders back in 2012 just to kick off his new airline service. Before his marriage ceremony, he also made his entrance by helicopter. As a part of the Virgin Limited Edition, he possess a collection of lavish resorts plus the Roof Gardens and Babylon Restaurant.

After 50 exultant years in business, his young and electrifying persona is still looking forward to expand his empire of Virgin Group. Such business tycoons always left permanent marks of success on almost all the industries.

Beyond this, there are many other exciting facts about Richard Branson that boost his triumph even more.

Sir Richard Branson has proved the world that Entrepreneurship Favors the Bold!