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ramadan market in Dubai

Needless to say, Dubai is an international hub for all sorts of activities. From extremely amusing fun spots to luxurious halls especially reserved for wedding receptions, exclusive board meetings and conferences, Dubai has got it covered all for you depending on your specification requirement of the occasion. As the city happens to be a great cosmopolitan, there are always special events occurring in almost all spheres of life. Here is a brief list of the events happening in Dubai during the upcoming month.


This is the holy month that is celebrated throughout the Muslim world every year with great zeal and enthusiasm. Dubai has a rich Muslim populace which means the month is spent with its full force. It is believed that this a month for one’s spiritual and physical elevation. This month is exclusively honored in Dubai and the city adapts its routine according to Sehar and Iftar timings. To live up to the honor of the blessed month, numerous resorts and hotels offer numerous Iftar and Sehar deals, buffet and many more enthralling packages. For 2017, the month is set to be celebrated from 27 May to 25 June.

Ramadan Night Market

This occurs during the holy month of Ramadan and is considered to be a blissful haven for the shoppers with incredible amount of time and attractive offers pouring from different brands. Ramadan Night Market is known for featuring a wide range of products and brand including perfumes, clothing, health and beauty, collectibles, travel, tourism and literally many more. The night market is set to commence from June 01, 2017 till June 10, 2017. It will take place on Dubai World trade center between 8 PM till 2 AM.

ramadan event

Dubai Sports World 2017

This is an ideal event for sport lovers all around the globe. The event will continue for the entire summer. Set to commence from 1st June 2017, the event will last throughout the months of June, July, and August and finally ends on September 3, 2017! This is UAE’s biggest indoor sports event and features a wide range of sport activities. Dubai sports event hosts a lot of sport academics, players and zealots from all over the world. It offers plenty of fitness and training programs. The event includes sports such as football, table tennis, cricket, basketball and many more. The focus of the event is to ensure that youth and kids adopt a healthy lifestyle by holding different fitness sessions.

Apart from some important events mentioned above, there are so many other events scheduled to happen during the year. There are art exhibitions, property exhibitions, conferences and many more.

The city of Dubai features some of world’s best attractions. If you even get a chance to come to Dubai, do not forget to sightsee. There are hotels such as Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa. Then there is world famous the Dubai Mall. Dubai’s special tour and tickets offers to give you a chance to fly high in the city and view the city aerially. You may go to desert safari, flight in hot air balloon, water sports parks and many more. The thrill literally never stops to happen in Dubai!

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