Ramadan TV: 25 must-watch shows of the season

ramadan tv - Ramadan TV: 25 must-watch shows of the season

Ramadan is all about celebrating some time with friends and family and watching some exclusive telly programs that are on the top of the streaming list. The platforms streaming the programs also offer exclusive content specially made for the season.

The best 25 shows of this Ramadan season are

  1. Bab Al Hara

This popular show released its tenth season this Ramadan. It is an Arabic Syrian series that has a huge fan following that waited for this soap eagerly for a year. This series is about a fight between the people of Al Hara and the French.

  1. Awalem Khafiya

You can enjoy this soap in Zee Alawan. It is all about a veteran journalist Hilal Kamel whose role is played by famous Adel Imam. The stories go like the journalist discovers facts about an actress who had died years ago and her death was declared as a suicide. However, clues revealed by the memoir reveals that it could be a murder by the mafia as they feared some secrets being revealed through the book of this actress.

  1. The Writer

This is on Abu Dhabi TV. Daniella Rahme and Syrian actor Bassel Khayyat are the actors in this soap. This is based on a crime novel. Rami Hanna is the director of this soap.

  1. Al Hayba

This is the third season of this crime drama which you can watch on MBC 4. Samer Al Barkawi is again the director. One can find this on Netflix too.

  1. Wa Ma Adrak Ma Omy

OSN Ya Hala Al Oula shows this series. This story is about a mother who does not treat her children fairly. She is shown suffering from illness. You need to see the series to know the reason behind her bias dealings.

  1. Hogan

The series is available on Abu Dhabi TV and has Mohammad Imam as its actor. It is about the supernatural abilities of a man and whether society accepts him or not.

  1. Weld Al Ghlaba

MBC Masr shows this series. It is about an Egyptian who is poor but honest. He is a teacher by the day and at night a taxi driver.

  1. Mamlaket El Ghager

This show directed by Abdelaziz Hashad is shown on Weyyak. The story is about the lifestyle of Gipsies. Fifi Abdou is the lead actor here.

  1. Baytak Wa Matbakhak

This is a cooking show running on Zee Alawan. It shares recipes for suhoor and iftar.

  1. Daqeqa Samt

This is a suspense drama that airs on Abu Dhabi TV. It is directed by Shawki Al Majri.

  1. Mathbakh Manal Alalem — Halawiyat

This is season 2 of this program. It is a cooking show by Chef Manal Alalem. The chef has 3.5 million likes of Facebook.

  1. Zelzal

This series runs on MBC 1. It is about the earthquake that hit Egypt in 1992.

  1. I Have a Script

Starring Kuwaiti TV veteran Souad Abdullah and Kuwaiti TV sweetheart Shejoun Al Hajri, the social comedy revolves around a woman who decides to pursue her passion for writing by penning television scripts following the death of a loved one. The series is directed by Munir Al Zoubi and produced by Kunooz Al Khaleej.

  1. Khamsa W Nos

Where to tune in: OSN Ya Hala Al Oula

Nadine Njiem, Kossai Khaului and Mo’tasem Al Nahar star in this drama of star-crossed lovers. Ghamar Al Ghanem is a successful businessman who falls in love with Bayan Najm Al Deen, a successful doctor. But things are never that easy and their romance hits a hurdle when Ghamar’s bodyguard Jad Ali falls in love with Bayan as well.

  1. Bil Afiya Maa Hayat (Bon Appetit with Hayat)

You will find this show on Fatafeat TV. It is a show with fresh concepts where Hayat Al Shaibani shows amazing khaleeji food recipes.

  1. What If?

Abu Dhabi TV shows this Kuwaiti drama that has four characters standing at crossroads in their respective lives.

  1. Haramlak

This show is a fantasy from the history of the Ottoman Empire. Sulafa Memar, Gamal Soliman and Bassem Yakhour are the actors of the show.

  1. In the Bosom of a Thorn

Netflix is the only place to air this show. Kunooz Al Khaleej is the producer and Hamad Al Badri is the director of this show which depicts a story of a woman and her daughter during the Gulf war.

  1. Badal Al Hadouta. 3

OSN Ya Hala Al Oula will air this show. The director has brought some fresh concept for the viewers during Ramadan.

  1. Hekayati

One needs to visit the OSN Ya Hala Al Oula for this show. Much has not been declared about the series.

  1. Super Miro

It is about Amy Samir Ghanem who is a journalist in the day and at night turns into Super Miro.

  1. Sanie Al’ahlam

Abu Dhabi TV shows this series directed by Shaer. It is a fantasy story that is adventurous.

  1. Kalabsh 3

It is aired on MBC 4. After two hit seasons in the past, the show has returned with a third season.

  1. Qabeel

This show is about the war between good and bad, right and wrong and similar ideologies.

  1. Lams Aktaf

It airs on Abu Dhabi TV. It is about a new star in the boxing world. Heba Abdelghany and Mohammad Ezz are the actors.


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