Ramadan Souq

Published: 2016-06-15 11:33 AM | Yesgulf

15 2 2 - Ramadan Souq

Ramadan Souq is an exceptional platform where exhibitors belonging to any field particularly from fields of art and fashion will showcase their talent for everyone to visit and get amused in the auspicious and blessed month of Ramadan.

Visit the Souq and view the most amazing collection by Aurous Resort Wear. Visit Graffiti Dubai at Ramadan Souq if you desire to get your stuff customized in most brilliant of ways. Furthermore, you will also witness here beautiful creations at Artnique by Saachi that are seemed to be inspired by the past but carry a modern touch as well. Also, you can get your hands on Dori’s handcrafted jewelry.

Also a great news for those with sweet tooth, Candymedubai will also have a stall at Ramadan Souq. Don’t miss out on so much fun!

Date: 16 June-9 July

Timings: 7 pm

Venue: Jumeirah Beach Residence Road, Marsa Dubai.

For any query, contact: naz@coreme.ae

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