Ramadan in Dubai

ramadan in dubai

The month of Ramadan sets in a few days later. It is believed to be the holiest of all months in Islam and many prayers and blessings are associated with it. Muslims all over the world are set to warmly welcome the blessed month. Festivities are in order all over the Muslim world. The professors of Islam fast during the day from dawn to dusk. Many collective fast-breaking ceremonies are organized. This is the normal tradition that has been in existence among the Muslims all over the world ever since the birth of Islam over 14 centuries ago.

Dubai has emerged as one of the important cities not only of the world at large but also of the entire Muslim ummah. With all its luxuries, exquisite delights, calmness and class, the city of Dubai offers a lot to let you celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with its true spirit. Sehar and Iftar (fast-breaking) are two fundamental components of Ramadan. Dubai has lots of places where you can enjoy meals during both Sehar and Iftar. Different places offer their unique and distinct cuisines to suit your personal taste and preferences.

For example, there are plenty of hotels that offer local cuisines while others make offers and deals in exogenous cuisines like French, Chinese and many more. Dubai has some of the finest Italian food providers. There is a whole range of restaurants offering delicious Italian food at multiple spots in the great city. All of these hotels provide a wide variety of Italian food. Some of these places are more economical than the others which are bit of heavy on one’s pocket. Social by Heinz Beck is a known Italian restaurant in Dubai. It offers different combinations and varieties of Italian food. It is ranked among the most favorite restaurant by a number of customers and receives very encouraging feedback from visitors. Another worth-visiting Italian restaurant in Dubai is called ‘Eatly’. It is economical and offers healthy and awesome food.

There are plenty of other hotels and restaurants in Dubai that offer special meals and deals for Ramadan sehar and Iftar. Here is brief information about the restaurants and hotels you can pick up for your Ramadan deal in case you want to have a fast breaking ceremony or just individual iftar dinner.


Recently opened, it has garnered much fame and repute as being of the best restaurants in Dubai. It is a place worthy of having a memorable Iftar. Customers may choose a soup, starter and a dessert from the main menu. Also, it is very economical.

ramadan in dubai


This place is arguably the finest in Dubai. It offers an exquisite iftar buffet. Jannah features five menus and every menu is a unique combination of local cuisine with international favorites. There are live cooking stations that offer European tastes. In addition to yummiest cuisines, the hotel takes particular pride in free flowing juices. It doesn’t end here. The hotel also proudly claims to have the world’s fastest hotel internet. This is the place you want to be if you need to remain online while dinning on an Iftar.

Likewise there are plenty of other spaces where you can enjoy a comfortable iftar or sehar dinner in Dubai.

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