Purported Members of Cybercrime Gang Arrested in Dubai

cyber crime - Purported Members of Cybercrime Gang Arrested in Dubai

The Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai Police recently captured four supposed members of cyber crime group that was responsible for stealing approximately two million dollars from the companies in the country.

Major General Khamis Matter Al Mazeina is the presiding chief of the Dubai Police. He commented that a group of Asian and African accomplices worked with the hackers to sabotage different websites and systems of different companies in Dubai to send the money inside and outside of the country. This news is corresponded by the reporters of one of the Middle Eastern news websites.

Al Mazeina further added that fraudulent people were arrested as a direct impact of successful e-police operation that was called Al Ahlam that stands for dreams in Arabic. The CID members caught four suspects using recent technology and electronic tracking devices.

Brigadier Salem Khalifa Rumhithy is the second in command of the Dubai Police CID. He commented that police team was informed about the criminal group’s activities after they received a complaint about cyber fraud from one firm. He further commented that, the accounts of one of the UAE companies were hacked by criminal organization from overseas and they modified the bank details. The company then made the payments on the modified account details, considering them to be the accounts of real companies.

According to Softpedia’s Eduard Kovacs: the mastermind of the operation called himself D.Q. He was from Africa. The criminal mastermind confessed of scamming people with fake schemes. He was the in charge of the entire scam and performed the role of moderator between the different gang members. His two team members were both Asians. They were in charge of receiving the illegal funds by creating fake firms on the internet.

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