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DaliRyn - Pop Artists to Know

You have probably heard of POP artist but you probably didn’t know of the legends, who made the difference with this style of art. In this post we have put together artists who were declared POP artists and lived to express themselves in this grand style.

Andy Warhol

The most successful graphic and magazine illustrator of the 20th century, who lead the POP art movement and by using photography, mixed with advertising, experimented with mass produced images from popular Western culture to be represented as an entity. Some of the works he produce in this format in 1960’s were Coca Cola bottles, Diana Vreeland, Campbell’s soup cans etc.

He also made mass images of the actress Marilyn Monroe, which he created months after her death. Andy Warhol saw through the eyes of the customer changing their ideas into art, interpreting their meaning into an art of style.

Today a museum in his name that is Andy Warhol Museum can be located in his home town Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and most of his work can be found in this collection.

Suzi Nassif

Suzi Nassif is a world famous portrait and pop artist. Her works have been exhibited in London, Miami, New York, Japan, Lisbon, Dubai and many more cities. Her pop art carries symbols such as Coca Cola cans, chewing gum bubbles, flowers, Channel logo, and more. Her pop art is an appreciation of modernism and it speaks to the millenials volumes.

Keith Haring

Born in 1958 in Pennsylvania, Keith Harring, started out by displaying his art works in subways, using white chalk to draw on a black unused advertisement backboard in the stations, saying that he considers that subways his laboratory, upon which he could experiment. His rise to fame and international recognition came later between 1980 and 1989 through exhibitions which he organized singlehandedly or in collaboration.

Robert Raucshenberg

Although he was not a full member of the POP movement but his style of work brought him close them. The Combines collages of 1950’s brought Robert Raucshenberg an acclaimed fame, in which he uses ordinary or  recuperated objects to create innovative mixtures that depicts the journey between life and art. Known also as a sculptor and painting, which reflects on his works. In 1993, Robert Raucshenberg was awarded with the Medal of Arts award.

Roy Lichtenstein

He was born in 1923 in New York and became famous for his comics Whaam! (All-American Men of War) of 1963 which is regarded as his most significant piece of art, which depicts a fighter aircraft firing a rocket, that produced a red and yellow explosion in the background. Roy Lichtenstein uses dots to paint, which he painted one after the other. Roy Lichtenstein grew as leading figure in the Pop art movement although he was less confrontational and spurting like his counterpart Andy Warhol. Some of his paintings of comic strip cartoons, baked potatoes and washing machines are considered masterpieces.

Richard Hamilton

Is a British artist who created sequences of famous works between 1950’s and 1960’s, Richard Hamilton was regarded as the father of British POP art, although this is controversial. In his exhibition of the Independent Group in London “This is Tomorrow” became the ultimate catalogue of POP art imagery, which includes food, packaging, television and the movies, advertising, comics and reference to newspaper. Although he is more famous for “Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?” his 1956 work.


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