Pakistani men, third sexiest in the world

Pakistani men - Pakistani men, third sexiest in the world

A poll was conducted by the famous dating website, MissTravel , in which 100,000  Americans participated, the results revealed Irish men being the most desirable and Pakistani men being the third most desirable while Italian men being the 7th most desirable.

Looks like suicide bombing or terrorism did not affect the image of Pakistani men much as they lately attained third spot amongst the world’s sexiest breeds. On the other hand, owning half the Kashmir or entire Bollywood with world renowned stars did not help India in claiming even a single spot, Odd yet very true! This is surely the first positive image of Pakistan and Pakistani men exploited this opportunity to push the boat out which is completely reasonable.

This brings our attention to the famous Buzzfeed writer, Regha Jha’s tweet after Pakistan lost to India in the World Cup match which became quite controversial in India but no one realized that it holds an element of truth!

Rega Jha-yesgulfRega Jha

it’s so sad that no matter who wins, Pakistanis will continue to be way hotter than us and we’ll continue to be their ugly neighbours

History is not devoid of the stories where the pretty Shaniera Thompson from Australia, the brilliant tennis player, Sania Mirza across the border chose Pakistani men over men of their own nationalities.

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While Humaima Malick recently attained 24th spot amongst Times 50 most desirable, it seems that time is not far when Pakistani women will also attain the top ranks amongst sexiest nationalities. Let’s cross our fingers ladies!

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