Online Reviews: The good, the bad, and the ugly!

16 - Online Reviews: The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Finding a product online and ordering it instantly can lead to quite a stressful scenario. We all have done shopping online but not blindly. We always look into genuine and fake reviews and only then form our opinion. Two months back I bought a dog leash for my dog and the look on my dog’s face after one day of walking in the park with it told me that he does not love me anymore. To win his love back and to find a comfortable leash, I had to order another one again and this time around, I saw no frowns and I was saved but it was pure luck. We all have such stories that caused a lot of distress, sometimes we could make up for it, other times we lost money and much more. Imagine buying a life jacket for your baby online and finding out it does not work and you have a narrow escape. This will make you realize online fake reviews are not funny anymore and a serious rather ardent step must be taken towards them.

Why Fake Online reviews pose a genuine threat?

It is not only you, me or some of your friends, researches reveal quite an eye opening facts about online reviews:

  • While you try hard on formulating a product description, you must know that consumer reviews are 12 times more trusted than product description
  • Before making a decision to buy a product, an average consumer tends to read 11 online reviews about the product
  • 68 % of consumers read reviews rather than just looking at the ratings
  • 80 % of consumers research the products online every single day

The curious case of Amazon and Fake reviews:

Amazon seems to have had enough of the fake reviews and went on to take a serious step by filing a complaint against four websites for alleged selling of fake reviews. According to amazon, this is misleading for the customers as the customers lure into buying products through these positive fake reviews. The practice is unethical and bound to be stopped.

While there is no dearth of genuine reviews but the fake reviews are still a serious threat to tarnishing the image of amazon as a trusted place for buying products online. As per amazon, this is a breach of consumer protection laws of Washington and must be dealt legally

How to spot a fake review?

There are many ways that a common consumer can spot a fake review and report it:

In an attempt to be genuine, the writers usually go extra clever in faking and tend to blurt out product specifications and use the technical lingo that a common man does not use.

Fake reviews usually are detailed and have no grammatical mistakes as they have been written by content writers.

Fake reviews tend to repeat the words as they have been written by the same person usually so you can spot the pattern too.

So, if a company does not need to damage its brand or get fined, then it must continue ethical practices. Let your success be your noise not the fake reviews.

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