New Artworks of Suzi Nassif

Suzi Nassif

Here are new artworks from an artist who loves to use her hands on canvas rather than the paint brush. She loves touching colors and contouring her portraits to add her vision to them.

Suzi is keen on using her creativity to inspire her fans. Therefore, she has released her newest masterpieces to promote her artwork accordingly. Suzi Nassif paintings are awe inspiring as reveal interesting perceptions of the artist about people she has met or has been inspired by. Her viewers can follow her creative output in exhibitions in Dubai, USA and Europe. I will walk you through some of the newest Suzi Nassif paintings.

Sophia’s World

There are differenSophias world by Suzi nassif 203x300 - New Artworks of Suzi Nassift ways for people to view Suzi’s ‘Sophia’s World’ painting. In the painting, Sophia Loren is the subject.  The portrait depicts Sophia Loren as an elegant actress. In her theme, Suzi uses the allegorical approach on the portrait to show how Sophia Loren grew into one of the iconic faces in the world of actresses. Suzi is pointing out a well-loved tale in the society. She highlights the glamor and the beauty of Sophia in the portrait. The collage is there to accentuate the actress’s colorful history of glamorous achievements that entitled her as Sophia Lazzaro.

The Colors of Iris

The colors of Iris portrait painting depict the fashion icon, Iris Apfel. The subject Iris symbolizes her vivacious personality. The American born fashion icon not only cultivated a personal style but also had a flair for colors. Besides her interest in bold and bright fabric, she loved to put on oversize glasses and colorful jewelry. Iris Apfel’s love for fashion and creativity inspires Suzi to new heights of creativity and innovation. You may view the portrait here >>>

God Saves Queen

God Saves the Queen 206x300 - New Artworks of Suzi NassifGod saves queen is a new pop art painting by Suzi Nassif. God Saves The Queen masterpiece is an inspiration about the story of the rock band Queen. The reigning monarch in the painting in a truly royal fashion is Freddie Mercury. He is the face of the band in the portrait. The crown Freddie is wearing stands for the band’s name. The famous oil painting illustrates 4 other bands members in smaller portraits. The band members draw away the attention of the viewers from the Queen’s portrait. The musical symbol illustrates exuberant music and electric performance by the band. The black thick band around the portrait symbolizes the faces belong to a group.

The amazing MUSAI female portrait

The MUSAI painting takes its title from the Greek word for MUSE. The Muses in the ancient Greek were goddesses of song and dance. Contemporary portrait artists, get inspiration from MUSES to depict a beautiful woman in their paintings. The manifestation of desire around her is natural. MUSAI is a portrait painting of a fictional woman. Most if not all of Suzi Nassif paintings whether on portrait or still life capture her subject’s vibrant spirit.  The background is uncluttered allowing the viewers to concentrate on the female subject.

MINA painting

MINA is a new stunning collection of Suzi Nassif’s paintings of 2018. Suzi shares her truth with the world through her paintings and her style. MINA portrays the spirit of a fierce woman. The woman in the painting wears a colorful hat with lit candles. The glow of the candles illuminates the MINA painting. In addition, the colorful candles represent various themes just as contemporary portrait artists used various symbols in their masterpieces years ago as well to bring out their ideas, emotions, and feelings.

All in all Suzi Nassif paintings are one of a kind. She stands out among many contemporary portrait artists because she keeps on injecting fresh and new ideas every day.



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