Modern Oil Painting Facts

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The painting method an artist will choose is a very fundamental factor. Brushes and the canvas may also contribute but nothing tells the story better than the choice of painting used. Modern art has taken a different turn in comparison to traditional paintings. There are different factors that have influenced the use of oil paintings over the years. One of the factors is the structure of painting. Traditional paintings used a more indirect structure; this simply means there were three layers of paints used on the canvas that brought out the visibility of the images. The three layers could be seen on different parts of the images depending on how the light plays on the canvas.

Modern painting has embraced oil painting; this can be defined as painting using pigments that have a medium of drying oil. The oil painting was well embraced in the 15th century because of the great advantages of using oil painting. One of the advantages is the end result gloss it gives to the painting and a lovely vanish.

For most modern paintings for sale, the use of oil and water soluble paint is visible.  This blend is noticeable by more proficient artists who are looking to transcend the genre.  There are different oil paintings available and the choice of use will solely depend on the artist and what he is looking to achieve. Oil paints commonly used are extracted from walnut, poppy seed, safflower oil and linseed oil. The drying rate of the oil is different from one plant to the other and in some cases the oil may be boiled with resin and frankincense to bring out a better effect on the canvas.


There are different techniques used in oil paintings, the technique ,may differ from one painter to the next but this all depends on what the artist is looking to achieve in the end result. Famous award winning paintings in Dubai have been incorporated different techniques. Suzi Nassif paintings have also incorporated oil painting techniques and this can be seen in the end result.

A technique commonly used in oil paintings is by starting with the rough sketch on the canvas, The sketch is done by the use of charcoal or in some cases very thinned paint. The oil paint is mixed with different solvents such as linseed oil or artist grade mineral salts that make the paint thinner. The sole purpose of this is to follow the rule “fat over lean”, this rule requires the next layer of oil applied on the canvas to be thicker than the one below. This way, it gives an allowance in drying the layer below.

If this rule is not followed the end result will peel or crack but in some cases this can also be caused by poor quality of oil. Other additives to the paint my include resins, cold wax, and vanishes. Adding these to the oil may affect the density, brighten up the translucency of the paint as well as how well it will respond to every brush stroke on the canvas.  If you want to check out modern art paintings for sale by a famous artist in Dubai click here.

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