Meta Byte Partners Y Soft on Print Management Solution

Meta Byte Partners Y Soft on Print Management Solution-YesGulf

Meta Byte Technologies in alliance with Y Soft has brought topnotch print management solution for Middle Eastern enterprises

Meta Byte Technologies is Dubai based next-gen technology solution provider. Today, it has made announcement of alliance with Y Soft so as to offer YSoft SafeQ software solution to Middle Eastern organizations.

YSoft SafeQ is a superlative modular suite of cutting-edge enterprise printing, copying and scan management technology produced to empower organizations to take control of print-related products and services, and the print environment.

This award-winning, premium print management solution is intended to enable organizations to save on print cost and to improve their efficiency. It is also aimed to help the enterprises of all sizes to enhance their document security along with workflow productivity. Moreover, YSoft SafeQ contributes in sustainability goals and also benefits to reduce the environmental impact of printing.

Meta Byte Technologies CEO, Mr. Salil Dighe said: “It is very challenging to optimize the print environment and identify opportunities for reducing costs, especially when most of the organizations are unaware of their spending on print-related products and services or even how their printers are being utilized. With YSoft SafeQ, enterprises in the region can now easily monitor and manage their print environment, optimize printer usage and implement cost controls.”

The state-of-the-art software architecture reinforces the security, and the protected authentication so as to minimize the documents related risks; either cast off in output trays or collected by the wrong person. Users’ identification and authentication is done by allocated ID cards, usernames/passwords, or assigned PINs. Role-based access privileges, detailed reports, and an integrated central web-based dashboard streamline printing management system.

With this significant venture of Meta Byte with Y Soft, the regional enterprises will be able to generate consolidated and comprehensive reports per user, device and/or department in order to determine the budget allocation, consumption and efficiency of their printing environment. Pre-defined or personalized reports can be easily displayed and accessed by concerned personnel through web or the MS Excel document.

The web-based interface will make it more feasible to manage the whole print network. This is to benefit the print administrators. YSoft SafeQ solution has ample ability to get connected with almost any type of printer/MFP to deliver optimal results.

YSoft SafeQ also supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative as today’s mobile workers are progressively using their own gadgets to perform varying tasks including their needs to print documents using these devices. The Mobile Print module of YSoft SafeQ supports the user to print documents from any smart device, be it mobile, tablet or laptop. YSoft Wireless Print has been incorporated in this Mobile Print module, specifically for Mac or iOS device users, so that these mobile workers can manage printing from their devices with ease.

Meta Byte Technologies is next generation technology consulting company-YesGulf

About Meta Byte Technologies:

Meta Byte Technologies is next generation technology consulting company, offering best of the breed business and technology services to deliver world class solutions to its customers spread across various geographies.

Headquartered in Dubai Internet City, the hub of Technology in the Middle East, Meta Byte Technologies is led by set of professionals with decades of industry experience and is well equipped with market knowledge, technical skill-sets, innovative thinking, as well as dedicated support team in association with technology innovators to deliver value for its customers hailing from various parts of world.

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Y Soft provides enterprise office solutions -YesGulf

About Y Soft

Y Soft provides enterprise office solutions that help build a smarter business by improving office productivity and enabling employees to be more productive and creative. YSoft SafeQ, our enterprise print management and document capturing solution, reduces costs, improves document security and enhances workflow productivity. YSoft SafeQ’s full suite of modular on-premise or in the cloud solutions are deployed in large companies and SMB organizations around the world. YSoft be3D 3D printers provide a reliable, high quality, auto-calibrating solution that saves time, reduces prototyping costs and enhances 3D printing productivity.

Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, with worldwide offices in North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Asian Pacific Region (APAC).

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