Vinod M V

vinod mv - Vinod M V

Full Name?

Vinod M V

Nature of Business?

Legal services, company formation, ISO certifications


Sales Executive

How did you start? (Your business/ job/ career etc.)
We are paralegal company. We do trademark, Copy Right, ISO, Company formation & All corporate legal Needs
Your Business Website
Who and what inspire you?
I am Vinod, I am a hardcore sales executive + entrepreneur
Which companies and creatives do you admire and why?
Bismi General Trading LLC.
Tamarind Terrace
Al Wothka Investments
Tareq Al Jasim
What three items can you live without?
Food, Water And Air
What do like about your work? and why?
I enjoy my work
What are your three motivating triggers?
Meet ups, Some speakers & My Family
How can the community get involved in your business? What do you expect from YesGulf Community?
I believe in social commitment with business. My policy is give referrals and get referrals.
What do you believe can be done in UAE to make business prosper?
Create a network and grow together.

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