Sunita D' Souza

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Full Name?

Sunita D’ Souza

Nature of Business?



Executive Assistant

How did you start? (Your business/ job/ career etc.)
As a Personal Assistant
Your Business Website
Who and what inspire you?
Nature inspires me the most….It free, it is God given and untarnished by human intervention and the perfect creation of the Almighty.
Which companies and creatives do you admire and why?
Virgin Airlines, National Geographic, Discovery World and all philanthropic companies that help the underprivileged and bring awareness to the world we live in
What three items can you live without?
My breath, my mind, my body and my spirit….i cannot exist without these.
What do like about your work? and why?
The meaningful connections I make and the cultural blend of people and experiences I feel blessed to come across.
What are your three motivating triggers?
Spirituality and all things connected to the soul, body-mind-breath connection.
Travelling around the world exploring Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia, Sikkim etc.
People love to learn new things & mastery of the mind.
How can the community get involved in your business? What do you expect from YesGulf Community?
Create Awareness and create a good Networking and Professional platform
What do you believe can be done in UAE to make business prosper?
Businesses are run by people for people. Therefore a company’s prosperity depends on first and foremost being Transparent and unbiased without any nationality criteria.

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