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Nousheen Mukhtar

nousheen 2019

Full name? 

Nousheen Mukhtar

Nature of business?

Digital Marketing, Branding



How did you start? (Your business/ job/ career etc.)
I couldnt fit myself in the box my job offered me. I was uneasy and I always felt there was more I had to do, therefore, one fine day when a regular job was getting on my nerves, I called it quits and started working on building my passion for writing into business. From writing to designing to marketing it has been a great journey and an adventurous ride. I discovered more of my talents through my venture and now I am happy I do not have to fit myself into limited spaces … In simple words, I started by setting myself free !!! Beware, its only recommended for the tough nuts and the strong hearted!
Who and what inspire you?
Aha, this is a great question. My father inspires and inspired me for he gave me the courage and the strength to be myself and to regard who I am above everything else. He taught me how to be unstoppable. He is and will always be my super star and by greatest inspiration.
Which companies and creatives do you admire and why?
I admire Facebook as there is a passionpreneur behind it.
What three items can you live without?
I can live without my phone … or so I believe. I can live without tea. I can also have a life without mmmmmm I am thinking ….
What do like about your work? and why?
I like everything about my work because I designed, tailored, and formed it through own plans, efforts, rationales and so on … My work is great because it brings people together; it helpes dreams become reality; it supports creativity, involves innovation and leads to possibilities for me and for everyone connected to me. I love what I do. If you like it, join in and pursue what you love to do best!
What are your three motivating triggers?
1. Challenges motivate me. I like solving problems as they allow me to discover more about my abilities.
2. Shopping … I am sorry cant help myself here … truth is truth
3. Nature … I have to be out in the open among trees, bushes, flowers, in rain, in winter sun, all on my own to have the breakthrough needed for ideas.
How can the community get involved in your business? What do you expect from YesGulf Community?
I am all for community, I expect them to enjoy the referral system available here and make best of the different social opportunities through YesGulf.
What do you believe can be done in UAE to make business prosper?
Business Support Business … thats the answer I guess … won’t say more

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