Live In Style with 4 Enchanting Home Decor Brands

Live In Style with 4 Enchanting Home Decor Brands-interior décor Middle East-YesGulf

Every season, I love to renovate and redecorate my home. From kitchen to bedrooms and even bathrooms. I prefer to spice up the décor of my children’s rooms with funky colors. On the other hand, I usually choose some classic and elegant style for my lounge and drawing room. Then comes my own room, wherein I need fresh feeling in summer and cozy for winter and accordingly I select the brands that truly fulfil my desire. Living in country like Dubai gives more inspiration to live with trends. Numerous home designing brands are popping up in Dubai packed with the regional to global taste. Women remain in search of unique design pieces for their home decor. Bring Life to your living style, which truly starts from home. Check out my pick of few enchanting home decoration brands that I would love to buy from to make my interior breathtaking.

D.tales-home décor UAE-interior décor Middle East-YesGulf


It brings the outclass furniture brands together from Scandinavian region. D.tales offers you great collection of Design House Stockholm, Källemo, One Nordic and lot more. Each piece of furniture, carpets, lamps, and other accessories like vases, watches etc at D.tales has impressive design and material used plus the perfect finishing. You simply cannot hold back and not getting anything from here.

Kaleidoscope by Mimi-home décor UAE-interior décor Middle East-YesGulf

Kaleidoscope by Mimi

Kaleidoscope by Mimi is the name everybody is familiar with while living in UAE. It provides a great range of inimitable and handmade collections of homewares including stylish rugs and cushions and also hand finished jewelry. Mimi Shakhashir provides all this creative home decor stuff in UAE with the collaboration of craftsperson and artists from all over the world. You can surf her collection in Dubai at DST Market OTB (downtown).

Urban Yogi dubai-Kaleidoscope by Mimi-home décor UAE-interior décor Middle East-YesGulf-YesGulf

Urban Yogi

Established in Dubai in 2012, Urban Yogi is famous for re-defining Indian decor aesthetic for international market. You can give a sustainable style to your home interior with Urban Yogi. With the eastern touch, this brand has great popularity among masses in span of just few years. Here you can get luxury homewares to re-purposed antique furniture, tableware and even fabrics and art pieces portraying contemporary flavors of India.

Cities dubai-home décor UAE-interior décor Middle East-YesGulf


Art, Lifestyle and contemporary designing slant truly explain the ‘Cities’. Its one of my most favorites as it is a lifestyle store in true sense. If you want to get everything from art pieces to furniture then this is the right place for you. ‘Cities’ select talents from all across the globe to furnish its clients all the interior décor flavors from Middle East to Europe. Whether you are looking for sophisticated furnishings or inclining to on-trend interior home accessories, ‘Cities’ offer you all. Even for quirky accent pieces, you cannot resist visiting ‘Cities’ once and I assure you that you will not walk out without purchase.

Looking to renovate your home décor? Try these captivating brands this year. These are some of the best and finest brands, which offer all exclusive and perky to elegant homewares and accessories to your interior décor.