Where to Have the Best Evening Brunches in Dubai

0art - Where to Have the Best Evening Brunches in Dubai

The concept of brunches has been around since quite a while. Evening brunch, however, is something unique and enticing.

In recent times, the trend of evening brunches has risen in Dubai. After all, who doesn’t like eating like an animal for 4 straight hours, right? Oh, and we must not forget how evening brunches rid us of the must-get-ready-by-12PM-for-brunch frenzy, too!

One question arises though: Where do we get the best evening brunches in Dubai? So, without further ado, we bring you the must-visit places for delicious brunches, making your evenings more delightful in Dubai:

1art - Where to Have the Best Evening Brunches in Dubai

Pure Sky Lounge:

Situated on the 35th Floor of the Hilton Hotel, the Pure Sky Lounge should be your go-to destination if you like amazing food paired with a beautiful view.

You get a fantastic view of the Jumeirah beach along with servings of drop-dead delicious cocktails.

The staff is quite accommodating. Many past visitors poured out extra praise for their bartenders.

If you like to get in the groove, you’re in for a treat. A DJ plays at Pure Sky Lounge all the time, thus eliminating the possibility of you getting bored (albeit some people complain about the music disturbing their conversation, most visitors appraise it).

A visit to Pure Sky for an evening brunch should set you back roughly AED 370 per head. This includes unlimited drinks and portions of scrumptious food!

2art - Where to Have the Best Evening Brunches in Dubai


Located at the end of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel walk away, 360 presents you with absolutely exhilarating views of the Burj Al Arab.

Who wants to wait for Friday for a brunch, right? So that’s why 360’s management launched their evening brunch, called 180, last year.

180 is the ultimate deal for Dubai’s residents and visitors alike. For residents, 180 provides an opportunity to unwind after a tiring work week. Whereas for visitors 180 means delicious food and drinks with a very rare view.

According to customer reviews, their staff is very considerate and attentive to detail.

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180 is available from 7pm-10pm, with a charge of AED 295 per head, which includes unlimited drinks and servings of dim sum, sushi along with seafood and other Asian culinary beauties.

3art - Where to Have the Best Evening Brunches in Dubai

Latest Recipe:

Join Le Meredien Mina Seyahi’s French Brassiere as they take you on a culinary journey. Located in the Le Meredien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort in Dubai Marina, Latest Recipe offers one of the best evening brunches in Dubai.

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Latest Recipe offers a Sparkling Night Brunch for visitors looking to feast after the sunset. You get the view of the hotel’s gardens along with servings of the Chef’s special Red Snapper (to name a few things).

Served every Friday night, Latest Recipe’s Sparkling Night Brunch revolutionizes the concept of brunches as a whole. Besides, what else do you want if you’re being given delicious food with soft drinks only for AED 200? Throw in another AED 175 and you’ll get house beverages along with sparkling wine!

So, which restaurant will you be going to? Tell us below in the comments!

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