Lessons from Steve Jobs Entrepreneurial Skills

steve jobs in his own words - Lessons from Steve Jobs Entrepreneurial Skills

People come and go but there are quite a few who leave the mark on the hearts of others. There are some who come and go and no one knows about them except family, friends and peers. There is one person who has left the mark not only as an entrepreneur but also as an innovator, thinker and creator. He was a great human who made our lives easier and provided the world with some of the most distinctive and innovative technological solutions in the form of “Apple”.

Looking at his aspiring personality, there is something that one should learn and improve from these great personalities. Here are some of the great lessons that we can learn from Steve Jobs as an entrepreneur.

Do what you have Passion for

Steve Jobs once said, passion can change the world. Do what you love to do and make a difference. This quote can change the way of thinking of many people. For example, most of the people step in the business that they feel will give them lots of opportunities to earn and live luxurious life. This is because they have heard someone saying that or some of the friends or family members are associated with that business. However, the fact is that people fail after sometime. It is because they followed money blindly rather than following passion. If they had followed passion, making money was not a big challenge.

Never Lose Vision

Steve Jobs once asked president of Pepsi that whether he wants to spend whole life selling sugary water or would he like to change the world. Steve Jobs taught great lesson to entrepreneurs and innovators, not to lose vision in the long run. Setting your mind in one direction will not only pull your business down but will also result in limited mindset and end to the infinite growth opportunity. For example, a person selling lemonade at the walkway of mall can be seen in the same place even after ten years, if he hasn’t looked at opportunities waiting for his decision. He could be a road side vendor for the rest of his life or CEO of company in the coming years.

Establish Connections

Steve Jobs once said that creativity is the connecting thing. By this he gave a great thought to the entrepreneurs. Like if we see that making connections will give greater opportunity to the fresh and experienced people to join hands and help each other in the time of difficulty and other challenges. He didn’t mean to limit the learning associated with your field. Jobs studied hospitality and took calligraphy classes, even though they didn’t have any connection with his job. It was because he was an innovator and connecting ideas from various fields of life helped him to be more creative. It is all about how you make your connections stronger and how good are at you linking various ingredients in one piece.

Be entrepreneurial

Steve Jobs was of the view to look for next big thing. Find the steps to move ahead and achieve success. No matter, how big or small the goals are, it is necessary to take the first step.

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