Leadership Circle’s Workshop to Target Executive Trainers & HR Experts in GCC

Leadership Circle’s Workshop in GCC-Business in Gulf’-YesGulf

The Leadership Circle is renowned pioneer in tools and methods beneficial for leadership assessment plus development. Recently, it has declared to conduct ‘Leadership Circle Profile Certification Workshop’ intended to target GCC countries.

This 3-day workshop will commence in on October 27, 2015.

The Leadership Circle designs its workshop specifically for experienced executive coaches and also for the HR professionals.

The tools and techniques taught at earlier held Leadership Circle’s workshops are applied world’s some of the most admired brands and corporations including Apple, Google and Bharti etc. In recent years, this growing group of knowledgeable and skilled coaches has successfully supported a lot many high-profile clients in the Middle East through their brilliant approach toward their needs and demands.


“Our approach has proven itself in the region. Yet, we recognize that people working here operate in a unique and very dynamic environment and have specific questions related to that,” mentioned Nicolai Tillisch (Regional Partner of The Leadership Circle). He authored ‘Effective Business in the Gulf’-Bestselling book.

Nicolai Tillisch will co-facilitate Mr. Bob Anderson for this workshop. He is the founder of Leadership Circle Profile and falls in international leading figures on leadership.

GCC-based facilitators also come up to help organizing the workshop. Their edge is that they have deep understanding of the Arab culture and how multicultural work environments are prevailing in Gulf countries. Besides they can give better glimpse of    local business practices. This all will help to make the workshop successful and productive.

In contrast to other providers in the human resource and leadership development sphere, The Leadership Circle is aimed to help the executives and board members so as to make them fathom their own potential and in their priority areas. This will support them in rapid improvement of their effectiveness. More than 60,000 leaders, till now, have been assessed by The Leadership Circle through this approach. Moreover, it has also developed fertile and applicable methods in order to evaluate managers, teams, and even the entire organization.

Tillisch also said: “Our approach is not only having a great impact. Organizations can save big money on other initiatives, when their leaders become more effective. The falling oil price makes this relevant.”

Going to be held at The Meydan Hotel in Dubai, attendance in the workshop is restricted only to the expert coaches and HR specialists.

Each participant will pay USD 3,900 to attend the workshop and he will get the learning materials, individual Leadership Circle Profile 360-degree evaluation, refreshments and lunch.

On early registration, attendee will get a discount and this offer is also valid for participants who register together (three or more people).

For registration: https://leadershipcircle.com/october-2015-mena-lcp-certification/?lang=ar

About The Leadership Circle: 

The Leadership Circle offers breakthrough tools and supports the leadership development of professionals so they can individually and collectively become more effective leaders in their organizations. This translates directly into improved business performance.



Monica Joshi, Coordinator