Latifa AlGurg- An Iconic Figure of Contemporary Fashion World.

1 3 - Latifa AlGurg- An Iconic Figure of Contemporary Fashion World.

The self-motivated and energetic designer, Latifa AlGurg brings the fashion lovers elegant and comfortable ensembles created from a remarkable fusion of architectural shapes and luxurious fabrics.

Keen on creating contemporary, comfortable everyday wear especially for travel purposes, Latifa AlGurg is a renowned fashion designer and entrepreneur. This Dubai-born, designer owns ‘Twisted Root’ as her exclusive travel-wear brand. She took this initiative after sensing a big gap in the market for chic clothing for travelers and this also satisfied her passion for travel.

Her clothing range is quite peerless mainly because it contains the Emirati flair combined with the Scandinavian taste. A unique combo indeed. Her scarf collection, where global modernity joins hands with Arab traditions, also marks a true fashion statement.

YesGulf team set out to explore more about AlGurg’s interest in fashion designing and how she makes a successful career out of it. We are grateful to her for sharing with us her passion for fashion designing and how she bagged phenomenal success as a Middle Eastern fashion designer at quite a young age.

2 1 - Latifa AlGurg- An Iconic Figure of Contemporary Fashion World.

When was the label established? The challenges involved in narrowing the concept and launching? How was the response of local target market towards the label? How did it affect your motivation? 

We started running in late 2014. Starting a business is always challenging. Sourcing the right quality and quantity of fabric and trims was one of the biggest challenges.

Although retailers are hesitant to take on regional brands, the response from the customers was incredible and that really motivated me to tackle all the obstacles.

What do you think is the idea source that helps towards assembling new products with creativity every season? 

Travel and discovery are the core values of my brand. So, these are the driving force behind our inspiration every season. We pick a city or country every season and really try to discover it through Twisted Roots.

How do the cultural aspects influence your work? 

At the root of it, we are a modest wear brand so layering is one of the fundamentals in our collections, but we are also heavily influenced by the inspiration behind each collection.

3 2 - Latifa AlGurg- An Iconic Figure of Contemporary Fashion World.

Various factors that help you with competition? 

Our approach is quite unique and we love talking to our customers about each collection and the story behind it, as well as, our quality and how we produce each piece.

Anything you would like to advise the young budding fashion designers?

Start small, grow organically and prepare, prepare, prepare.

With this we reached to the closure of our conversation with Latifa AlGurg.

Let us tell you the most impressive element of her entrepreneurship? At her atelier in Al Qouz, Dubai, she facilitates the wannabe designers with tailoring services besides crafting her cosmopolitan collections enriched with quality and convenience. Latifa AlGurg is undeniably playing an awe-inspiring role in strengthening the fashion industry in the UAE.

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