Latest Mobile Technology Help Blind People to See

Published: 2015-07-02 9:45 AM | Yesgulf

Latest Mobile Technology Help Blind People to See-YesGulf

In London, scientist are working on a new adaptive mobile technology which will help blind people to see with the help of their mobile tablets. The team from University of Lincoln in Britain are thinking to put in some useful things in a smartphone that will help a blind person in his daily life like depth sensor technology, colour sensor technology, enable 3D mapping in a smartphone and a tablet, navigation and object recognition. This team is thinking of making and developing the best interface to relay that to user, whether in the form of vibration, sound or the words spoken.

new mobile technology will surely change a blind man’s life forever-YesGulf

The researchers aim to make a system that can recognize visual clues in the environment. Cameras will be used to identify the type of room as the user moves around the space. It might be hard to adapt the usage but after some time it will become easier to adapt the technology, the quicker the easier it would be to identify the environment. Bellotto explained that there will be some applications in the mobile phones which will be able to observe and recognize environment as people observe and recognize. This new mobile technology will surely change a blind man’s life forever.

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