Lara Tabet, A Dynamic Soul With Raging Passion For Fashion & Style

unnamed 1 - Lara Tabet, A Dynamic Soul With Raging Passion For Fashion & Style

Lara Tabet, a successful career woman bestowed with chic and lively persona talks about her prolific journey of success and fame.

Featured amongst top Middle Eastern models and TV presenters, this beautiful, intelligent, down to earth and brainy beauty is an official spokeswoman for the Arab Fashion Council, a Brand Ambassador and Middle East business developer. Lara being a true philanthropist is also an active member of the ‘Emirates Red Crescent Society’.

We met Lara on a mission to explore how she wowed the Middle East’s fashion world and here’s the treasures we found regarding her absolutely remarkable success.

What’s your secrets to success?   

My secret to success is hard work, ambition, determination, passion and the desire to have a positive impact on today’s society.

What’s been your greatest success? How do you feel about the achievements?

My biggest success is balancing being a mother and a working woman. At one point, I was involved in several TV shows and the demands from all sides were becoming a struggle. But, everything that turned into a great success was only because I put my full energy and soul into it. Of course, I feel very proud whenever something I have committed myself to becomes a success.

Has your style changed over the years? How did your initial struggles make it, prune it and contribute to your achievements?

My style has progressed and matured over the years, like everything in life gets mature and moves forward. I have become more reflective rather than impulsive. At the end of the day you learn from your failures, adjust and have another go.

unnamed 3 - Lara Tabet, A Dynamic Soul With Raging Passion For Fashion & Style

What does it take to be a model? You have a family, so how you manage your routine chores and still keep yourself so fit physically and professionally.

It takes a lot of hard work, commitment, discipline and time management. Time management is absolutely essential. I start early and finish late at night knowing that it is all about planning your time well in advance, sometimes even weeks or months ahead so you can achieve whatever you want to achieve. That includes resting time, travel and other social activities that keep you mentally and physically charged.

How does it feel to see you stepping up the stairs of tremendous success?

It feels very good to see anything that you do become successful. But, there is no elevator to success. You have to climb the ladder step by step. It took twenty five years to reach where I am today.

How do you define a strong, successful woman?

A strong, successful woman is a woman that is focused, determined and does not get influenced and affected by negativity. A woman that has respect for herself and others. A woman that believes in raising the bar consistently and challenges herself to do more.

What role your family played in your rise to fame?

My family has played a major role in my life. My husband and children have been extremely supportive, patient and have backed me up in everything I do.

unnamed 2 - Lara Tabet, A Dynamic Soul With Raging Passion For Fashion & Style

As a model, what type of shoots you feel more comfortable with? 

I love haute couture and I have certain designers that I love to work with.

Being in the spotlight is not easy of course, you might need to travel a lot, so how your travels affect your work in any way?

My travel does not affect my work because, as I said earlier, I plan everything in advance so I don’t let my travel schedule affect my work in any shape or form.

What aspect of being a Brand Ambassador makes you the happiest?

When you represent a brand that you truly believe in and you represent it with a thought that it is your own. I represent several luxury brands under my umbrella Luxurywithlara and I am proud of each one of them.

Do you see any downside to being a brand ambassador/model?

I have not seen or experienced any downsides when it comes to either. So far it has been a very positive journey.

Talk about how did 2016 go, what were your expectation and from where you stand now how do you feel about it and foresee future directions/opportunities?

2016 was a great year. My major achievement was setting up LuxurywithLara and taking in a number of different brands under my umbrella. The future has lots of things in the store and I look forward to what the year has to offer. I am hoping that all the hard work I did in 2016 especially the launch of my own brand LuxurywithLara will be highly productive in 2017.

Enlighten us about aspirations behind your work and the messages you want to convey to your audience.

My objective is to make people feel good about themselves by sprinkling a little bit of luxury into their lives and indulging themselves into things that they are able to enjoy out of their own efforts and hard work. We all work hard so it is essential to have some lavish and pleasant moments in our lives. This is where luxurywithLara comes in, to remind us that life is truly beautiful and worth enjoying.

Any strong message for the struggling budding dreamers this coming year?

My advice is to keep dreaming because life without a dream is not enjoyable and if you work hard enough for your dream, it could end up changing your world and everyone else’s.


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