Keeping Yourself Fit during Your Summer Beach Vacation

Keeping Yourself Fit during Your Summer Beach Vacation

Going on vacation is great as it takes you to a new place where you can revitalize your mind and forget about the usual nitti gritties of work life. But while going on vacation is a great thing, studies have found out that most people who go on vacation have a tendency to renege on their fitness routines. Indeed there are usually lots of fun things to do during your summer vacation break that can keep you distracted from your usually fitness regimen. Here below we outline for you four tips for beach workouts to help keep you fit even during your vacation.

  1. Beach workout

Most summer vacations usually involves travelling somewhere at the beach and there must be some sort of swimming. Swimming is said to be one of the best whole body exercises to help burn those calories and keep fit. If you are having your summer vacation on an ocean beachfront you will be enjoying your swimming on salty water. It is claimed that salty water has got healing powers! Take the dip and swim your way to make yourself fit and healthy in the long run.

  1. Play beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is an interesting sport that is usually played at the beachside and it is also a great way to keep yourself fit even as you have fun. Research has it that playing beach volleyball can help you burn an impressive 585 calories so please don’t forget to carry along the ball with you as you leave for the holiday. The sport will also help you to get together as a family and if you travelled with friends you will enjoy it as a team. It offers great fun and enjoyment for everyone in the group.

  1. Beach jogging

Staying next to a beach offers you a big opportunity to do some jogging beside the beach. Indeed it is the simplest form of exercise that will do wonders to your health and body physique as well. You can do your beach jogging by taking short sprints and then finalizing with long runs. Be watchful of high and low tides to be safe and ready of any surprises that may be unpleasant to you. When taking the long run, you may want to start smartly and don’t overstretch yourself. You don’t want to ruin your vacation by suffering any injuries by overstretching yourself.

  1. Weight training by use of your very own body weight

There is great way to do weight training using your own body weight and it is simple and very effective too. Perform push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and planks. These will help you keep your body weight in check by burning away those calories. You need to be creative when performing these workouts to get the most out of them. You may for instance start with push-ups then transition to sit-ups and then finish with squats. They are simple but will help to keep you fit, string and healthy even when you are away from home.

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