The Top 3 places to Eat Sushi in Dubai

sushi japanese restaurants

Attractions in Dubai:

Dubai is now one of the most popular tourist destinations due to the attractions it offers. Once a desert, the city is now among the best entertainment spots. The city is now crowded with tourists due to the shopping malls and the fun activities for the whole family. Dubai is also home to some beautiful landmarks as well as some sightseeing places. The list of things to do in Dubai is quite a long and one needs a lot of time to do all things there.

Hotels and cuisines in Dubai:

There are many renowned hotel chains operating in Dubai. There are some local hotel brands as well. Being a cosmopolitan city, the hotels of every cuisine are there to serve you with the best food. Japanese restaurants are also there to serve you with the delicious and fresh Sushi.

Restaurants in Dubai for Japanese cuisine:

Japanese cuisine has its own value in the popular cuisines of the world. The cuisine has some distinctive dishes which are liked by non-Japanese people as well. The best thing is that one can enjoy the Japanese cuisine in Dubai. Some of the best Japanese restaurants are located there. Sushi is such a popular delicacy that there are some restaurants which are only offering it on their menu. These restaurants are specialized in crafting the delicious sushi. Here we will guide you about the best sushi restaurants in Dubai:

1: Zuma Restaurant:

This restaurant is one of the most liked ones when it comes to the best sushi of the city. The restaurant is located in the international financial center of Dubai and the location is quite near to the Burj Khalifa. The restaurant was specially designed by the Tokyo-based designer who is quite famous for his work.

The restaurant fully tries to provide you the ideal ambiance by following the style of Japanese dining called “izakaya”. The food is served in a quite informal manner but with a signature of Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is loved due to the ambiance and the sophisticated Japanese style of serving.

2: Mahiki Restaurant:

Not only a specialized restaurant for sushi, it is also one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai. The cocktails of this restaurant are also famous like sushi. Mahiki is located in Jumeirah beach hotel along the scenic beach.

The restaurant has hosted some of the special guests who belonged to the elite class. The reason is the theme of the restaurant which is truly fantastic. The restaurant is completely designed with the Polynesian theme from the entrance to exit. The drinks are served in cultural chic tiki cups.

3: Kenpai Restaurant:

It is another restaurant quite popular for the tasty sushi served there. The restaurant is located in downtown, Dubai. The customers liked the thing that sushi served there is completely fresh and not pre-made. The restaurant also offers home delivery service. The luxury dining option is also available as well as the place is children friendly.

The best thing about the restaurant is that the interior is quite beautifully decorated combined with the Japanese theme thus providing the right ambiance for sushi. Their drinks are also liked by the customers.

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