Best Japanese Restaurants in Dubai

Published: 2017-04-25 2:33 PM | Yesgulf

best japanese restaurants dubai

Japanese ryori envelops dishes that represent different regions and traditions of Japan that have represented the changes that Japan has undergone. The main food is rice that makes the basis of miso soup while adding the seasonal vegetables. Japan being an island, seafood forms the major food group here served raw as sashimi or sushi deep-fried as tempura while incorporating other meats and vegetables to make the dishes as exotic and mysterious as Japan itself.

Dubai, the center of the food hub, offers some of the most bona fide traditional and regional cuisines from little villages of Japan in Dubai restaurants to sway your senses to the next level of tranquility that the Japanese’s enjoy. Dozo Omeshi Agari Kudasai! Enjoy your Meal.


The traditional Japanese restaurant , located in La Meridian takes you right into the heart of Japan, with Teppanyaki tables, tatami rooms, sushi and sake bars serving you the most authentic Japanese food in Dubai. Here you can enjoy  everything from Japanese sushi, teppanyaki, yakitori barbecue, noodles, deserts along with specialty designed lunch and dinner menus for you to choose from the best Japanese restaurant in Dubai.


Phone: +97142170000



Chez sushi exhibits the freshest makings to garnish and roll up the sushi of your dreams.  Seared tuna with sesame dressing, salmon teriyaki with udon noodles and veggie soup, beef teriyaki, tempuras, steamed rice and mixed greens awaits you on Friday brunch, happy boxes or with your girls on the ladies night at Dubai Marina.


Chef Nobu Matsuhisa brings you Japanese cuisine transforming it with a traditional and modern twist that any Dubai restaurant can offer. Nobu, located at the Atlantis, blends the two oldest civilizations, Japanese and Arabian into such an exotic surprise. It offers live station, perfectly prepped lunch and dinner menu, happy hours and specialty drinks from all t e nooks and corners of Japan.



Winner of the last year as the best Japanese restaurant in Dubai, Zuma offers an ambience created by infusing Japanese traditional bamboo, stones and delicately embellished wood serving serenity to your senses. Zuma offers both formal and informal lounges to cater to your moods, with sashimi that simply dissolves on the tongue, rolls and sushi from a robata counter, soups, miso and more authentic traditional and innovative Japanese dishes than you can handle. Located in the financial district, it is always filled with chic dressed people, sake in a glass, laughing and waving away the worries of life dipped in sauce.


Tomo means a long time friend, is located at exit 56. The novelty that Tomo offers for both Japanese cuisine novices and long time lovers is 6-8 tasting courses. So if you are new the exotic flavors of Japanese cuisine you can choose from the different expertly designed tasting coursers to introduce yourself to falling in love with the erotic Japanese flavors. On the other hand, if you are a tomo of the Japanese food, then these meal courses will help you enjoy more variety and flavors in a single sitting in one of the best Dubai restaurants-Tomo.

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Here are some of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai serving you the Japanese cuisine in the most original Japanese settings without enduring the hassle of long air travels. So take the shoes off sit in the bamboo mats, smell the wicks, indulge in sake and eat with your hands the best Japanese Fudo.

Do visit and share your experience with us.  

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