Is Your Makeup Routine Hurting your health?

Is Your Makeup Routine Hurting your health-YesGulf

It is often the case that we are little guilty of spending time in few bad habits. Therefore when it comes to your makeup, you may be doing some things in your routine that may be harmful for you. Therefore we have covered some common Makeup Habits That Could Make You Sick.

Sharing Makeup with a friend-Yesgulf

Sharing Makeup with a friend

You might be sharing your clothes and jewelry with your best friend. Therefore, why not try your best friend’s best lipstick? This is very wrong. We are not talking about making your friend upset when she finds out that the lipstick is returned by you. We are emphasizing on the fact that the sharing a lipstick can cause infection. It is against the beauty hygiene. According to one of the renowned dermatologists in world’s leading clinics sharing eyeliners and lipsticks can cause infections like conjunctivitis and cold sores. One of the Australian women proclaims that she has been infected with a staph infection that has limited her to a wheelchair permanently. She got the infection from makeup brush.

Using Expired Makeup-YesGulf

Using Expired Makeup

According to a leading dermatologist in skincare institute the expiration dates on the makeup are provided so that people can use them within the required time. Most people don’t throw away the products when they should. Therefore, when you throw off your milk that is expired you should also trash that mascara or lipstick or any other cosmetic that has expired. You can develop a skin allergy because of the outdated makeup. That is because the product can carry some of the bacteria that can cause the irritation. Many products have a symbol on them that can demonstrate how long the product can be useful. Mascara and eyeliners have usually the shortest life.

Sleeping while wearing the makeup-YesGulf

Sleeping while wearing the makeup

You may be too tired to take off your makeup at night. Therefore, it can create problems for you when you wake up because makeup like foundation can cause irritation in your skin and eyes. Sleeping in makeup can cause clogged pores. It can make your eyes irritated. That is because when your turn in your bed at night the makeup can enter into your eyes. The eye makeup consists of oils and waxes. Therefore because the products stay on the eye during the night they can cause blocked pores near the eye that can cause bumps on the skin and the eyes. It can even cause sty.

Using Lash Extensions-YesGulf

Using Lash Extensions

The lash glues used in lash extensions contain formaldehyde. It can irritate the eyes. If it is not applied properly it can cause the lashes to become stiff and break off. However, using lash extensions can be very safe as long as right precautions are taken. The top dermatologists recommend that you should not overuse the eye extensions. That can cause hair loss. You should also research before scheduling your appointment to make sure you are visiting an expert beautician. Another way to make sure that the lash extensions are safe, you should do a path test. With these tips you can safeguard your health.