Is Personal Branding Important For Small Business Entrepreneur?

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An entrepreneur always falls back to their brand to regain momentum. Suppose your small business does not survive through to its second birthday. Everyone knows who Carol Bartz is. Before her departure from Yahoo, she built her brand in the business world. She is able to use her showmanship and personality to her advantage. It took Carol many years of creating a personal brand identity.

  1. Attracts attention

Why is personal branding important in attracting customer’s attention? Branding provides that constant single image to the customers and that’s what makes them keep coming. The clients will be chasing you down to have a slice of your products or give keynote speeches at conferences. What’s your brand intention? Think in terms of investors, customers, and friends. Are their words aligned with yours? Don’t confuse branding with marketing it is a feeling. If people hear your name it evokes their emotions. People will buy nothing else but the brand.

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  1. Helps you associate with larger brands

An entrepreneur builds connections in their area of specialty. Carol Bartz is able to build connections with Larry Elisson (founder, Oracle). Personal branding gives you the opportunity to speak at events. While attending such events, you collect cards that can translate into business leads. For a small business entrepreneur the summit looks unattainable, but creating a personal brand identity can propel the business to prominence.

  1. Helps in building credibility

Brands drive the entrepreneur to the top. People resonate more the person’s credibility rather than physical things. What do people say about you when you are not in the vicinity? Reputation is a valuable asset when it comes to running as a business. Not even an excellent business plan drives sales. A reputation takes time to build maybe tweet after tweet, or one blog post after another post.

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  1. Gain confidence

self-confidence as a component of personal branding is hard to build. You can never fake self-confidence. Entrepreneurs with self-confidence tend to become more resilient, innovative as well as self-reliant. Walmart, for example, was a personal brand of Sam Walton. In the case of Sam, problems were challenging not life ending events. Occasionally, Sam had to make course corrections to achieve his target. He was able to build a business model that eventually worked for him. Sam developed his personal branding strategies the hard way before he became self-assured. It took him ages to master the secrets of retail stores.

  1. Build a network

One of the vital personal branding tips is building a network. In the same way, a group of disgruntled customers can destroy a product image, a brand champion can enhance a business image.

For an entrepreneur personal branding is more about who they really are. What you stand for and the value you offer to your customers. In order to experience success in the business world, an entrepreneur needs to fix their personal branding strategies. Branding makes people and businesses more visible to their audience. An entrepreneur is the president of his/her own brand.

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