Internet connectivity reshapes Dubai Economy

UAE Economy - Internet connectivity reshapes Dubai Economy

Ever growing technology is reshaping the global economy. In present competitive business environment, economic growth and its survival goes side by side. For this reason we need to learn from past slip-ups and vow not to repeat again. Internet beneficially offers opportunities to emerging markets for enhanced growth all over the world.

When we hear about ‘Dubai’, giant malls, trade exhibitions and shopping comes in mind. Besides all fun and pleasure, it’s an economic hub for business seeking people in the Middle East. Dubai is one of the most progressive, dynamic and multicultural cities of Gulf region. The deserted land of past is today’s Alpha+ city and its economy is booming like never before.

What makes this gigantic Revolution Happen?

After probing into numerous factors, I personally think globalization is the key reason behind Dubai’s fast economic growth. Though cultural diversity, political wisdom and social intervenes have played and still playing equally great role in this regard. However, international integration through internet lead to interchange of global views, products, services, ideas and many other cultural aspects.

In today’s digital era, triggering force behind globalization is internet along with people’s enthusiasm to learn life’s all new dimensions. Round the clock connectivity through smart gadgets is the driving force behind global transformation.  Here comes the need of internet, without which your smart devices are merely useless.

Internet is a must-have for strong and profitable online visibility. It has greatly the shaped the worldwide economy and also aids in positioning the countries like UAE to make a robust entrance in the fighting ring.

“Dubai ranks at 5th in performance among 300 world cities in the annual 2014 economic rankings of cities worldwide.” (Brookings Institution & JPMorgan Chase).

New-fangled technologies enable people to find and contact their ideal prospects; be it through a website, blog or social media profiles. Worth visiting destinations in Dubai are just a click away. Running your business of any kind is much feasible herein.

How this has become possible? Certainly because of internet that helps in linking people all over the world. Just in few years, Dubai turned out to be oasis in the desert. It is developed with such a fast pace that its inhabitants often get perplexed to see new projects emerging.

Embracing the New Internet Technologies:

All industrial to commercial and information technology sectors in Dubai are greatly reshaped because of internet’s robust impact. Internet is a digital ‘Genie’ that makes your wishes come true. Yes, this genie drives the digital technologies fast forwardly and intensely affecting all significant industries to strengthen Dubai’s economy.

Since 2000, Dubai has made the most outstanding progress in all sectors. This is because it never declines adopting new technologies like cloud computing, big data, Internet of thing etc.   This adoption attitude results in evidently positive impact on Dubai’s economy that it’s now at forefront of the world’s most vibrant emerging markets.

At present, customers have many options to be availed and this is why businesses are highly competitive today. If you want to retain your customers for long and build a long-lasting relationship, it is essential to make the best of available technologies.


Oil once considered the backbone of Dubai’s economy has reached the threshold of exhaustion. Now, information technology and online businesses are the best options for Dubai’s economic growth. Influx of hi-tech gadgets, internet technologies plus social media resulted in connected economy reshaping everything in Dubai from business to media and entertainment industry.

Everything means everything; even a bit is not left behind from being transformed because of this connected realm of economy through internet.

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