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Ibn batuta mall in Dubai

Travelling- it offers you a hundred roads to adventure and gives your heat wings”, quote by the Muhammad Ibn battuta (1304-1369) a Moroccan traveler and scholar who set out alone to see the world. One of the greatest travelers of all times, it took him 30 years of wondering in the lands of Africa, Middle East, India, Central and South East Asia and China to have found his yearnings quenched.

The Ibn battuta mall has 6, themed courts that tell us the story of the great traveler, as he said himself” traveling- it leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller”

As you step into the Ibn battuta mall, its walls, ceilings, balconies whisper the secrets in your ears retelling the tales of his adventure and the shops and cafes put the wind into your step as you gear up for things to do in Dubai.


Andalusia is now a south Spanish region established as an autonomous community, who’s strong, heritage includes art, culture, poetry, architecture and science.


The star shaped ceiling is inspired by the Islamic architecture as the Moorish poets described it as an “a pearl set in emeralds” creates an allusion to the color of the buildings and woods around it. Reflecting the real Andalusia palace, the Ibn battuta mall courts and halls are quadrangular, opening into the central court. The balconies are passages of varying dimensions connected to each other by secret alleys. The court boasts a fountain of lions inspired by the spring, featuring exotic flowers to give its true mystical feel. Alhambra palace or the Red one as it is known, the court is tiled with stone walls and red terracotta tiles to preserve the Andalusia flavor.

You will find shopping and dining to do at flower box, Harman house, LG electronics, nutrition center, red apron.


Tunisia, the hub of learning, knowledge, art with its grandeur mosques, palaces, colleges and gardens, was the center for a wealthy soul.

tunisia court in ibn battuta mall dubai

This court is modeled on the coastal towns of Carthage and Tunisia, with white washed stucco facades, blue doors, stained glass windows and wrought iron, above a ceiling that is a blue as sky with white wool like clouds floating above your head to give you a dreamy relaxed happy afternoon to remember.

The Ibn battuta mall court offers you a food court with 25 international dining outlets and cafes, inspired by the Morocco palaces, Monastir and Sousse fortresses and Tunisia.

Things to do in Dubai’s Ibn battuta mall ; Maraheb, charley’s sub, city deli café, star bucks, cinnabon, early learning center, grand store, image art.


Pharaohs, pyramids, hieroglyphics and temples, the Egyptian court in the Ibn battuta mall take you into the courts of Cleopatra. Sand walls craved in hieroglyphics, papyrus columns; majestic lanterns to take you back onto the coleopteran times.

EGYPTIAN COURT in Ibn battuta mall

Things to do in Dubai include impressions, Arabian oud, Bulgari, Damas, fruits and passions, Gloria jean’s café, café Nero.


Ibn battuta traveled from Najaf to Basra, following the river Tigris. Persia, now Iran was the center of knowledge, culture art, architecture.

Therefore the Persian court reflects the true essence in the arabesque design in its gigantic dome, arched passages, shades of blue mosaic walkways and brilliantly lit chandeliers takes you back into

A whole new world

That’s where we’ll be

 A thrilling chase

A wondrous place

 For you and me”


Muhammad bin Tughluq, the wealthiest man in the Muslim world at the time, he appointed Ibn battuta as the qadi or the judge. So Ibn battuta experienced the enormous wealth, culture, art in his time in India. This is reflected in the court.

indian court in ibn battuta Dubai

The Ibn battuta mall Indian court’s biggest feature is the elephant, which represents a form of transportation for the wealthy, a show of strength in war times, the majestic 13th centenary India. The elephant is actually a clock which is the technological achievement of the inventor Al Jazari, so every hour the craved figures, dragons and phoenixes of the elephant clock comes alive to present a show as well as tells the time.


China was the last stop in his first 24 years long trip. He mentions in his famous memoirs the silks, porcelain, fruits such as plums and watermelons and the ingenuity of paper money.

indian court in ibn battuta Dubai

He mentions unusual Chinese cuisine such as frogs, pigs and dogs. The ships being built by the Chinese’s were a source of fascination to Ibn battuta. So the courts reflect the eventful journey through giant dragon medallions, white marble columns and a giant vessel to pay homage to the great traveler.

Things to do in Dubai at Ibn battuta mall include Shakespeare & co, TGIFriday’s, Tche-thce, Soy, Baskins Robbins, Costa coffee, canon, E- Max, Pandora, Reebok.

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