How to uncover hidden sales

Executive coach

Every company possesses the potential to grow its revenue. To achieve growth many businesses spend an immeasurable amount of resources including money and time to increase sales. If you want a pro to help you uncover hidden sales, consider getting an executive coach to show you what to do. The coach can help you do each move right and improve performance. Executive coaching Dubai is increasingly becoming popular in inspiring strong financial results. You can start with free phone calls to find out how you can use that knowledge to uncover hidden sales in the organization.

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out ways to uncover hidden sales.

Use executive coaches and VA

As a marketer how do you ensure your business is getting its sales targets correctly? An executive coach can assist you to comb all sales channels including inquiries coming from customer support social media handles. You can employ a virtual assistant to reply to all the social media messages so that the company doesn’t miss out on any opportunities to convert sales. The VA ensures all the queries are answered.

Use sales processes

According to the Sales Management Association Study, 36% of companies having the best salespeople utilize sales processes. However, 5% salespeople achieve low performance because of non-compliance with sales processes. Sales may not only involve good CRM solutions but also strong sales processes. A savvy sales leader can leverage strong sales processes to improve business revenue.

Test and modify sales processes

Companies that periodically test and modify their sales processes often report improved sales.  The sales team walks through each stage for instance from a lead to customer. The testing is vital in streamlining the completion of both simple and complex tasks. An executive coach helps a sales rep create new strategies that include modification of the sales processes.

Sales process adoption

Sales processes help free up a sales rep for critical tasks.  The CRMs are helpers not a distraction. An outdated process can result in fewer sales and a drop in revenue. The prospects think more than just technology and CRMs. Are there opportunities to add more products?

Formalize sales processes

Salesperson need not depend on how many meetings they hold but also focus on the activities that help them close the deals. When the processes are easy to follow the salesperson can reach the most ambitious sales goal of the time to accomplish the business metrics.

How is the sales rep handling objections?

The sales rep needs to understand the prospect’s objections and tailor the product to meet the prospect’s needs. The rep needs to identify the parts of the proposal that need amendments like sections of the contract, cost or onboarding.

Active listening

When a salesperson is an active listener he or she builds rapport with a prospect. When the salesperson show they value a prospect’s opinion, the conversation can quickly convert to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Uncover hidden Sales trends

Companies can conduct segment and account level analyses for any growth opportunities.  A sales rep can overlook growth opportunities in an existing account particularly for products the rep is uncomfortable selling. Data analysis might show how additional sales can be achieved. As a trusted partner, an executive coach learns your practices and will tell you what holds the business sales from its potential.

Executive coaching is worthless when it targets the wrong rep. An executive coach can have a marginal effect on star-performing reps. On the other hand; coaches can help the middle performers move up by 19%. Executive coaching in Dubai enables clients to have a better plan for their businesses.




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