How to Plan a Series of Instagram Videos

instagram video content marketing strategy

Social media has been a tool used for both business and personal video marketing. Over the years, it has proved to be quite influential and has also been a very effective content marketing tool. However, social media requires anyone to be relevant and stay relevant. Your next post has to be juicier than the last post for you to gain and maintain followers. This means you need to be at the top of every scandal, latest news and also what everyone else is talking about.  If you run an Instagram blog to influence the opinions and perceptions of people, remember you will need a powerful video content strategy for video marketing. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you stay relevant with your audience:-

  • Create them beforehand – This will give you ample time to prepare and to stay on schedule. Creativity always takes time and for you to make that splash that will leave your audience craving more, you need to always be prepared. For instance, if you want to cover a certain topic, ensure that you make several videos with different sub topics before hand and post them on different days and different timings. This gives you time to think on your next topic as you remain consistency with your audience.
  • Tell a story – Everyone loves an engaging story, your videos should not just be of quantity but quality. Let them be engaging so that you can get as many likes and shares as possible. To help with planning your story, you will need to divide the video into three segments; these are beginning, middle and the end. This will help you plan out the time into each segment and also keep your videos engaging.
  • Lighting and effects – The internet is a make believe world. A lot of people use it as an escape from reality. Adding lights, sound tracks and other effects to your video attracts more audience. However, it is very important not to overdo the effects and make the subject matter look unreal.
  • Shooting the video – There is a lot that goes into shooting a video, this starts from the type of camera you are going to use. Whether you will shoot from outside and depend on natural lighting or indoors depending on the message you want to set forth in your video content strategy. Here are a few tips you could employ when shooting your video:-
  • Landscape or Portrait –Instagram used to crop videos into a small square but that doesn’t happen anymore. Be sure whichever you will choose will all appear in your Instagram page.
  • Focus on the subject matter – This can be done by tapping on the subject matter you want to be focused on. For instance if you are doing a video on hair piece, ensure your camera is focused on the hair at all times to minimize distractions.
  • Steady your shot – Ensure the camera is held still and if you need a close up can zoom into the subject. A shaky video screams amateur and you do not want your audience to think you are one.

Before taking any videos, ensure you have done research on the subject matter and will not be termed a copy cat once your Instagram video is out there.


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