How to Market Yourself as an Artist

how to promote art

Art where for some is hobby and passion, a way to get relief from daily stressful life, for others it’s a passion which has become a career, and modern art painting or producing good piece of art is not just enough. It is important for the new artists and those who are already in the field to recognize the market and present themselves and their work as a business. The entire process can not only take time but can also be quite nerve wrecking and to become a successful and renowned artist it’s important to focus on the strategies.

Here are few of the tips to help you out!

A. Portfolio for Promotion:

Your portfolio about your work is a collection and images of what you have created and works as a resume and holds great importance. As resume is a written version to describe someone and is used to analyze their personality and experience for a job, portfolio works in a similar way for the artists and that is the reason that the one who are new in business should have their portfolio ready all the time. As it doesn’t only tell about the artist, it’s a whole package of information and work quality and works as a brand. It’s important for artists to include a high quality pictures with descriptions of the paintings for sale along with their own simplified bio.

B. Online Promotion!

In 21st century, the most successful form to market any sort of work and business is online promotion. More than half of the world is using the social media Services sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest on almost daily basis to promote their work. With almost billion of people turning to Facebook and millions on Instagram and Twitter, the social website play a remarkable role in developing a status in the field. You can post the pictures with creative and catchy statements and be active on these sites to stay connected with the audience and others in the same field.

C. Build up Connections!

Connections and networking play a massive role when it comes to market yourself, we cannot deny the fact that if we are linked with someone who is already recognized in the field and has a prominent name, chances of getting recognitions are higher. It’s important that you go to various known exhibitions and events with your official cards with you, meet various people and talk to them about your work. This is how you can even promote yourself. You can have your own sale through the page and post about the original paintings which are up for sale.

4. Competitions and Community work!

Last but not the least is to bring out your competitive side and good nature, find out about the competitions arranged in your area and around the city, take part in the art competitions and create your great piece as these competitions usually host many renowned artists and this can help you getting recognized. You can also take part in auctions and send your painting for sales and for charity which will help you get noticed by not only the audience but curators and other artists.

These are few of the techniques artists can use to spread words about their modern art painting.

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