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Why are some businesses able to dominate the Google first page and be found more through the search engine? It is an exciting experience for your business to appear at the top of Google by the way. If you are not appearing in searching your visibility to billions of people out there who need you is zero. I hope it rings something for you! You can be easily found on the web if you target it and make it an essential in business marketing goals. The secret is small business marketing methods you use to reach your audience must include targeting the audience online. I know it is not that easy: some will take weeks while others will take months, even years for a business to market online through the search engine. However, the important point is, you should not ingnore it entirely to prevent lack of sales leads. Let me show you how you can use creative ways to market your business online.

  1. Build a website

Since small businesses are on a limited budget, an entrepreneur can create a free website using an application like WordPress. It is that simple. No matter the industry or size the business belongs to, online presence should never be ignored. Your brand will certainly need outbound marketing. How else would you initiate a conversation with your audience online? You need a forum that is great to your customers to portray your product, and what is better than a website. Your website will present all major and basic information about your business, it will showcase your services and products and it will also create an impact on the visitors depending on how well you have created it for your business. Remember a website is just like an online shop out there anyone may reach at any time and could become a buyer. Do not let your potential buyers be disappointed when they are looking for services or products like yours online.

creative ways to market your business

  1. Submit the website to search engines

One way of getting traffic to your website is submitting your website to popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Most people still trust search engines to find information or gather news. Submitting your newly created website will only take 1-2 minutes. Submitting your website to a search engine helps your prospective customers discover your online presence even if you’re not ranking #1 in Google.

  1. Register with your local online directories

Local online directories are typically free to register unless you want to enjoy more features when you are listed online. The trick is getting reviews that can move up your website and content ranking in the search engines. The reality is Google and other search engines pull out what people say about your business. The local directories provide more information about your business to search engines regarding hours of operation, phone, email address, and a short description of your services or products.

  1. Lead generation

Lead generation is tough, a great way to be effective in this regard is to look for innovative lead generation ideas for your business. Rather than scrapping lists and sending cold emails that may not add value to your lead generation goals. You can opt for modern ideas that add value to your prospect. Other creative ways to market your business of generating leads involves shooting videos in a format that your customer finds digestible and entertaining. One great way of getting business leads online is through SEO. SEO will make your website and content easily identifiable by the search engines. Everytime a potential buyer is searching with a set of keywords, he will be able to find your website if you have an active SEO campaign. Therefore, vouch for a strong SEO campaign with conversion oriented keywords to have online sales.

lead generation ideas

  1. Social media platform

You can engage your audience using one of the social popular media platforms: Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. The social media helps you build customer loyalty.  You can post news about your products, tips, and related videos.  If you are a jewelry business, for example, Instagram with more than 130 million users is a great place to share photos of your products. You will need to work on your brand’s popularity on the social media. Post offers and events to engage people and attract them towards your business. If you make social media accounts and do not update them, it will not help your business much therefore, it is best to have a sales and marketing strategy on social media websites.

All in all quality content will make your customers connect with you even when your brand is still not popular.


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