How to Lose weight in Ramadan?

How to Lose weight in Ramadan-healthy food-Yesgulf

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when “Ramadan” is mentioned? If it is Shawarma, Hummus, Mehalabiya or falafels then you are one of those who eat more than the calories they burn while fasting. The result is inevitable: gaining weight and losing shape. We all go to a guilt trip as the Ramadan ends because we never act upon the resolutions we make prior to Ramadan. The resolutions we took the entire year to make. The basic reason we fail is because the desire to eat food overweighs the desire to stay in shape. There is no point in repenting later. We need to leash our desires a bit. So, it is really up to you whether you use this wonderful opportunity to lose weight or gain more than you ever did. While the entire essence of Ramadan is to excel in worshipping and self-control, it is also crucial to remember that our religion is about moderation and not about going on binge eating spree.

Let us have a look at smart ways to stay smarter and not let the demon of desires make us give in to the temptation of eating. Let’s see easiest ways on how to lose weight in Ramadan:

Drink lots of water-how to lose weight-healthy food-YesGulf

Drink lots of water:

Water is the best appetite suppressant. Drinking it before and during eating in suhar and iftaar will make you feel fuller. As per WebMD, drinking water before the meal makes you consume 75 calories lesser. So, you can have a better idea, how great it will be if you continue the practice for 30 days.

Drink Cold water-how to lose weight-healthy food-YesGulf

Drink Cold water:

According to WebMD, ice cold water makes the body work much harder to warm the water and you will burn more calories. Ice cold water will boost your metabolism as well. So, do not torture yourself with warm water during this summer Ramadan and have no guilt for drinking ice cold water.

Avoid Bakery-how to lose weight-healthy food-YesGulf

Avoid Bakery:

There is no need of going into the hassle of baking cupcakes and making pastries. You have plenty of summer fruits that you can use to make a fruit salad with moderate amount of honey to sweeten. This will ensure you satisfy you sweet tooth along with consuming minimum calories. If you really love desserts then make milk based desserts like ‘rass malai”.

Avoid fried food-how to lose weight-healthy food-YesGulf

Avoid fried food:

Do not go for fried samosas or chicken. Instead make baked samosas and grilled chicken. If you follow a great recipe then there is no reason, your baked samosa or grilled chicken will be less tasty than the fried samosa or chicken. Eating healthy food should never mean that you have to compromise on taste.

Avoid multivitamins-how to lose weight-healthy food-YesGulf

Avoid multivitamins:

Multivitamins are a surefire way of making you gain weight. Avoid them unless you are too weak or old. The entire essence of fasting vanishes anyway if you cannot feel hunger and weakness in your body due to fasting so, avoid the multivitamins to stay smart and not gain any extra weight.

Eat slowly-how to lose weight-healthy food-YesGulf

Eat slowly:

It is surely going to be difficult for you as you have seen the food after long hours of fasting but this is the real test. Eating faster without proper chewing leads to slower metabolism and you feel hungrier even when you have eaten enough. Slow and steady approach to eating is the best way to lose weight.

If you have any personal favorite tips that always work during Ramadan and you want to share. Enlighten us in the comment section.