How To Get Free Leads For My Business

how to get free leads for my business

What if you have a blog and pass out fliers yet the business is still not growing? You have to think out of the box – no doubt it. Do you want to keep the business afloat? Lead generation is fundamental in getting new business leads.


  1. How can you crowdsource the growth?


A small business owner can create a business plan and share it on a P2P platform for example. Here the business can connect with potential donors. Use the funds to pay ads or professional to help launch their products.

  1. An e-course can do


A free mini e-course is a great way of generating sales leads ideas. Is self-paced learning product profitable? You can grow your business daily using an e-course. The truth is you are giving your clients something for immediate use besides the product. In 2016, self-paced products earned more than $23 million, according to a report published by Docebo. Differentiate your e-course from the competition. Include areas you will over in the course that the competition missed.


Place your value proposition in your e-course in order to generate business leads. Survey your audience from the social media handle, blog posts, and podcasts. You can build your e-course using YouTube.  Millions, literally search how-to videos on YouTube channels. In your email signature, include the link to the e-course.


Your website is no longer a tool for marketing collateral. Make the e-books, free mini e-courses, or white papers downloadable in exchange for the audiences name and email address. Funnel your contacts to a standard form for an incentive. Therefore yes, you can get quality leads for your marketing campaigns.


  1. Make it simple to contact you


How can a warmed-up prospect reach you? If you make your people search your contacts relentlessly, most of the business leads will simply bounce off. Having a contact form readily available on the website is a great idea. The business is able to keep track of their prospects using a CRM database.


  1. Leverage on social to engage your prospects


Kick-start your lead generation process by engaging with your prospects through Facebook and Pinterest to find out about their needs. Facebook groups are a resourceful way of connecting with people. A Facebook group in your niche is an awesome way of generating sales leads ideas. It sounds better if you can own the group. You can pin post so the group members can read. The entrepreneur can target at least over 200 members.


  1. Revisit lost opportunities


Any small business needs to continuously employ strategies on how to grow the business. Growing a business is both a grueling experience and long-term. You have to access a steady flow of business leads.


  1. How to get free leads for my business using quizzes?


Quizzes have the potential to go viral no matter the subject. You can make a funny quiz such as what celebrity do you look like.


In summary, a small business owner can learn to say no. The business can focus on high-end clients. The owners can design standards that a potential customer has to meet before accepting their work.




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