How To Get Deals and Coupons for Fashion, Shopping & Travels In UAE

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Offers, discounts, coupons, promo, and deals! These words are just not ordinary words but actually when shoppers get it on their purchases, it becomes more meaty and important.

A Shopper understands that victorious feeling when they receive a coupon code or voucher code for something. It makes them feel excited and feel like the money saved is equal to money earned, no matter how small the amount is!

Almost nobody purchases anything from online without looking for a discount, promotional code, or coupons! In fact the statistical report of Statista projects that about 136 million people accessed digital coupon in the United States in 2018, this percentage may blow more high to over 145 million by the year 2021.

Here in this post, we’ll share the top 5 tricks to enjoy a discount on almost everything you shop online in UAE. Hope, these below popular ways will let you save huge money and shopping becomes more fun whether you are booking tickets for flights, shopping your favourite dress or looking for grocery item to get delivered!

5. Automate Your Coupons

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Let’s start with the evident! It is no hidden fact that coupons and deals are very much common and floating out in UAE and all over the world with the help of internet. You actually do not have to wait to get discount, but can easily get it directly on your mailbox. But with the floating of coupons, it is important to find only genuine coupons and codes that actually offer you a good discount on your shopping.

The first step towards finding the genuine coupon is to find a coupon website that sends you fresh and authentic coupons on your mailbox. The residents of UAE can find indisputable coupons from CollectOffers UAE and use them while shopping from their favourite store online.

4. Abandon Your Online Shopping Cart

online shoppingAnother best way to get real coupons and discount on your shopping is to abandon your shopping cart. Suppose, if you aren’t in a hurry to purchase something then you can prepare a shopping cart and leave it for two or three days. After those days, you might receive a mail from the retail store stating “Get additional 10% discount on the items you have added to your Shopping Cart” trying to entice you back and check out. A lot of retail stores have followed this system in the past, so it’s worth to give a try!

3. Present Your Coupons in a Certain Order

discount, coupon, dealsDo you know that you can maximize your savings by handling your coupons to the cashier in a certain order? For instance, if you have already a coupon of Souq coupon code for $5 off of a $20 purchase, then it is recommended to use that coupon first to enjoy additional discount. Otherwise, it may expire or cancel out the $5 coupon by discounting the total amount of the sale to less than $20.

While there are few retail stores that apply the coupon on your purchase directly on your shopping cart. Just in case, check the expiry of the coupon first and use them first that is expiring early.

2. Shop in incognito mode

use incognito modeA Wall Street Journal study revealed that few stores offer a higher price to higher-income ZIP codes and rural areas with less competition. So, if you are a constant purchaser, then these retail stores might jack the price up and this in return will prove shopping expensive.

The browsers know your approximate location through your device IP address as well as through consumer shopping behaviour through data saved in ‘cookies’.

So, it is better to use incognito mode window which you can find by click at the three vertical dots at the right-hand side of your browser and get products displayed at best prices.

1. Get Social

follow us on social mediaNow, the last trick to enjoy get discount and offers while shopping in UAE is to follow your favourite brand stores pages on Social Media. Many brands including Aliexpress, Souq, Emirates, Cleartrip, Awok and many more offers exciting deals and offers on their Social Media Page. Also, each one offering special codes and offers that let you enjoy additional savings like Emirates coupon code allow you to book flights and hotels at exceptionally low price.

All the followers can see the special flash sales and some even offer free shipping codes instantly. So, if you really love a specific shop or brand then follow them on Social media to take advantage of all discount and offers.

Hope, these above five ways will let you enjoy best deal and offers in UAE online retail store.


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