How to Eliminate Risk from 5 Physical Fitness Exercises

5 workout mistakes 794x598 - How to Eliminate Risk from 5 Physical Fitness Exercises

Do you know your routine workout for physical fitness can jeopardize your life? Believe me or not, it’s a fact that not all the exercises are commendable. If your workout is not delivering the desired result, there must be something wrong…something seriously wrong. Do not ignore!

If you do not want to waste your time on ineffective fitness exercises that could be risky too then change the way you do it.

1. Upright Row:

Problem with this weight training exercise is that if you pull weights or a barbell directly under your chin, it might compress your shoulder nerves.

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Safer Idea:

To avoid severe shoulder impinging, avoid to do upright row. As an alternative, do the lateral or front shoulder raise or you can lift the weights to your body sides. Always keep the slight blind in the arms while doing the dumbbell exercises.

2.Military Press:

If you do military press (lift a barbell up and down) behind the head then it can cause shoulder spasms or rotator cuff tear. The most horrible is if the bar slips your hand and hits your neck.

Avoid Military Press Excercise

Safer Idea:

Despite using behind the head, the best option is to keep the barbell in front of the head. To make this physical activity more effective, keep your body upright and do not stand with bar lower than your collarbone.

3.Lat Pull-down:

Again, Lat pull down if done behind the head then it could cause the same problems as that of military press. Anything not in you clear view can injure you. In fact, this exercise is best suitable for those individuals who have very mobile shoulder joints and who can keep their spines straight enough. Other might not be able to do it properly. One wrong move and you will get shoulder impingement or rotator cuff.

Avoid Lat pulldown

Safer Idea:

Do not use exercise machines for Lat pull down if you are not experienced or do it under instructor’s supervision.

Sit on the pull–down machine a few degrees and grip the bar with extended shoulder. Now, bring it down to the breastbone, in front of your body. Keep the shoulder pulled down and together and keep your body stabilized by contracting your abdominals. Do not use momentum in order to swing the bar up and down.

4.Leg Press:

Leg Press is done with body in the reclining position wherein you need to push up the plate and then bring it down. You might be doing it wide of the mark. Despite getting the benefits of quadriceps or hamstrings from leg press with cramped knees you can hurt your knees or back.

health and fitness-dumbbell exercises

Safe idea:
Do not bend your legs too far. Beginners often past the 90-degree angle at the knee. Ditch this thing at all costs and always keep your butt from rotating off the leg press machine’s back.


Squats could be risky if done on the smith machine especially if you tend to put your feet farther ahead of your body.

health and fitness-dumbbell exercises

Safe idea:
To avoid any worse situation, I recommend you to do squats without weights. Keep your back straight and slowly lower down your body. Always maintain your body over the heels and avoid extending your knees to past your toes.

Make all the moves rightly to improve your health and fitness without any calamity.