How to deal with one-sided love?

one sided love - How to deal with one-sided love?

Have you ever felt strong emotions for anyone, yet they seem not to express the same feelings towards you?  You spend nights crying and wrestling with the thought of rejection. It is not easy dealing with the pain of one sided-love. When you are in doubt about another person’s romantic feelings towards you don’t pass the back to something else like your looks or act. These are signs of one-sided love.There are endless ways to deal with a one-sided love. We will examine a few ways to cope with the situation.

  1. Give yourself time to grieve

It is difficult letting go a person you believe you should be spending the rest of your life with. Keep in mind that one of the ways to deal with a one-sided love is to allow yourself to feel disappointed. Grieving helps you acknowledge and navigate your negative thoughts. It helps you to grow. The anger, pain, and fear you are expressing in form of tears is a sign of unspeakable love. It is not healthy when you continue pursuing a  person disinterested in your love.

  1. Look for a distraction

Engage in activities that you love. You will feel more positive when you get distracted. One-sided love can make you anxious. A distraction will help you move on from an upsetting thought. Looking into yourself and spotting your imperfections is a good thing. Pick a hobby that you left while studying in college, for example, swimming, biking, photography or doing voluntary work. This way you will cultivate the hobby you once lost. In addition, set bigger goals for your future.

  1. Seek support

Look to family and friends for emotional support. Your family knows you best. They may be the key to your recovery. Reach out the moment you start spotting the signs of one-sided love. Surprisingly, they may treat you a lot better than the way you treat yourself. Even the strongest person can refuse to get help. Friends and relatives may be a platform to vent your feelings. An honest talk with your loved ones not only gets you the right help but you get to realize that help in an option.

  1. Practicing Self-care

The pain of one-sided love relationship can lead to a mental fog. It will be hard to take care of yourself or someone else. Do what makes you happy not what makes you function. Why not punctuate your day with mini-meditation. Editing your social media account and muting negative comments from friends. You aren’t only starting to feel positive, but confident about yourself. Showing you some love is a great way to cope with a one-sided love. Self-care is not a one-time activity, but a series of habits that rejuvenates your body, heart, and soul.

All in all, when you are angry, you focus more on the situation than your future. You are not the problem, but the situation is. When someone doesn’t love you back you often ask what is wrong with yourself. There is no quick way of dealing with a one-sided love. It is hard to process the loss in the shortest time possible. Don’t feel bad quitting the relationship just imagine how powerful your love was.

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