How to boost your mental performance?

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Have you ever encountered a situation where you simply get stuck on a task for so long that you even forget when you started it? Surely this happens sometimes but it should not happen every day. No employer will keep you longer if you simply pitch in old ideas and cannot give a creative input. For high performance at work place necessarily and at home as well, you need high mental alertness and high mental performance, you need to make a few small changes in your routine to see extraordinary results.

You need to work on your body and focus on healthy living if you want to see improvement in your cognitive functioning. So, let’s take a look at five ways you can improve your mental performance substantially:

Exercise ensures enough blood supply to your brain which is required for optimal functioning. Physical activity such as cycling, jogging, aerobics and yoga are a perfect way of enhancing mental performance. They also keep stress and depression at bay. Exercise releases mood boosting hormones in the blood that lead to enhanced mood and increased mental alertness as a result.

Physical activity-healthy living

Avoid caffeine:

Be it smoking, taking tea or coffee that give you an instant alertness and high energy boost, you must avoid them as they not only make you dependent on them but they result in caffeine crash afterwards. I have also suffered from increased caffeine dependence in the past which led me to feel highly irritated and angry when I could not get coffee after every two hours. So, cut coffee from your diet and replace it with green tea that also increases mental alertness.

Physical activity-healthy living

Avoid drugs:

Surely after an entire week of hard working, you deserve a party where you can drink and smoke up with your friends and celebrate the weekend. This must be kept in check as regular drinking and consumption of drugs affects mental functioning severely. So, a little party killed no body but lots of partying might do serious damage to your brain functioning. So, keep it in check.

Physical activity-healthy living

Omega-3 fatty acids:

With the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids, mental functioning is significantly improved. It particularly helps people with dyslexia or ADHD. Omega-3 rich foods are nuts and fish. You can also use fish oil supplements that are commonly available from drug stores to enhance your mental functioning. It further prevents cognitive decline in old age. Kids also need the right amount of Omega-3 rich foods for healthy mental development.

Physical activity-healthy living


A report by Johns Hopkins University suggests that it is an effective way of releasing stress, depression or anxiety. It further improves mental concentration and helps you focus on the given task. It further helps you attain mental peace which is crucial to stay in the present moment and not have deviating thoughts about the past or future in any way. Mindfulness meditation exclusively helps you keep stress levels to minimum. Therefore take out sometime every day before going to work and meditate for high mental performance.