How to be productive in the first hour of day

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Know exactly what you are planning to do before you start your day’s activities. Simply put, plan for your day! Is there a recipe for a more productive morning? Every morning, ensure you accomplish one vital task. The best way to trigger the feeling of being in the flow is by achieving something in the first hour. At The Coachlink, online platform, you can get a life coach to share with you tips on how to be productive in the first hour of the day.


The media mogul Oprah Winfrey starts her day with spiritual exercises. She wakes up at about 6 am. Just like Oprah, you can choose to read inspiring messages instead of social media postings which are sometimes chaotic and fuelling stress. Oprah reads “Bowl of Saki” which is a daily digest to give her inspiration for life. Mindfulness helps a person shift away from routine thoughts. The outside may try to tell you aren’t doing anything in your life. Take time to meditate in the first hour of the day so that the silent voice of awareness can help you resist such kind of thoughts. In some of their seminars coaches in Dubai teach how individuals can release emotional burden through meditation therapy.

Tackle your high-value task

Begin with the task that nags you most. If you can take out the source of your stresses and reduce the pressure it leaves you relaxed to tackle the day. If you tackle what takes most of your attention you will be left with more time for other tasks. Don’t engage in low-value jobs that make you look busy but don’t add value to your long-term goals or vision for instance, listening to the news in the morning, checking emails or notifications.   According to research, it takes an average of 20-23 minutes to recover from an interruption.

Have breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most significant meals of the day. Yes, it’s true! The body needs to re-fuel to perform at its best. If you wake up and start working minus breakfast it’s like the body runs on fumes. You will simply quit running tasks. This can be dangerous because you will lose the power to do anything meaningful in the morning. You find yourself rushing for sugary and foods with lots of butter at lunchtime because you missed breakfast. A healthy breakfast not only helps a person start the first hour of the day with energy but also increases mental performance. Hire legit coaches in Dubai at The Coachlink online platform to help you make positive behavior and attitude changes.

Certain activities such as scanning emails in the first hour of the day are part of self-made distractions. Waking up does not make things work for people the point is finding a routine that increases your productivity from the first hour of your day. Life coaches in Dubai conduct workshops which makes it incredibly easy for any person to understand how mindfulness can be beneficial to them.