Heavy Bikes that are Fast and Furious

Published: 2015-04-13 6:14 PM | Yesgulf

heavy bike - Heavy Bikes that are Fast and Furious

For all the enthusiasts, freaks and fans of heavy bikes who want to challenge their adrenaline to the maximum limit, here are some heavy bikes that will swoop you away with the electrifying speed. While some can be found in the region easily, others can be imported. UAE is home to world’s top Heavy bike showrooms so you can always find your heavy bike either a new one or a used one at some point. Some bikes are limited edition and can only be found if an owner wills to resell them.

 BMW K1200S 167 MHH

The super speedy bike comes with extreme raw power to trigger your adrenaline like never before. It has the potential to take the rider from a dead stop to sixty mph in 2.8 seconds. This is at the top spot for this very reason that this high speed monster was created only to satisfy your adrenaline with the highest speed for a heavy bike.



NCR M16 is super expensive but completely and totally worth the money. One ride at it and you will shout shut up and take my money. This is an exceptionally high speed bike carrying a 990 cc V4 engine bike that has the power to produce a horse power of up to 200 hp. The classic slim and sleek design is the most captivating and amusing feature of this bike. The bike is still exceptionally light in weight and weighs around 145 kg. Its wheels are manufactured with carbon fiber.  The bike has the most surpassed power to weight ratio.


MV-Agusta F4CC

MV-Augusta was released in 2006 and was named after Managing Director of MV Augusta. This is an exceptional 1078cc heavy bike that has the potential of reaching a speed of 315 km/hr. The valves, cranks and the pistol rods are manufactured from titanium. Its strong engine has the capability of producing 198 hp. It comes in ultimate black color. It has a platinum plate displaying the model number.

MV Augusta

NCR Mike Hailwood TT

It is a V2 engine bike, NCR MH TT that is named after a famous motorcycle racer. It weighs around 136 Kg and can be found in three colors i.e red, green and white. It is a limited edition bike. It has a titanium frame and weighs only 5 kg. It produces a horse power of 130 Hp.

NCR Mike Hailwood TT

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