Harley Davidson Street 500 2015 in Depth Review

2015 Harley Davidson Street 500 Review-Yesgulf

Today, to strike a balance between innovation and tradition can be very difficult and costly for a motorbike manufacturer. However, due to the recent strides in technology coupled with massive EPA regulations, this could never be possible till today as Harley Davidson launches its new Street 500 2015 model. This new innovative model by this well-known motorbike manufacturing company has borrowed the strong echoes and looks from its earlier K-Model Café Racer.

Harley Davidson 2015 review

The New 2015 Harley Davidson Street 500 is an entry-level bike for the bike lovers who want high-class performance in a low budget. This indeed is a break into the new redefined American made motorbikes generation. However, it lacks the long legs comfort and cargo capacity for the bikers who like to ride it on the highway. It is an ideal around-town bike, as you will not have the feeling of wrestling with the bike when you will be maneuvering at low speed and looking for a safe parking spot for it.

Specifications of 2015 Harley Street 500

The engine transmission, build quality, handling, riding position, brand credibility, brakes and exhaust sound of Street 500 are all of a standard that you would expect from a bike made by Harley Davidson. The looks and sounds of this new bike is similar to the Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle but with new updated looks and engine upgrades. It has an enhanced water-cooled Revolution X engine that makes it strong and powerful bike on the road.

When you click it in gear, it does not give the feel or sound like a Harley bike but just a snick. However, when you let the clutch out, it romps away in a Harley-style torque. It is a lightweight motorbike by Harley, which have a total weight of 218kg. It comes with a 17-inch front wheel and a 15-inch rear wheel with a good set of sturdy forks and rear shocks to give you a smooth ride.

Fueling of this new 2015 Street 500 Harley Davidson bike is very smooth that can surely help you make slow and tight maneuvers with ease. It indeed has a refined and smooth transmission. This bike will surely give a cool appeal to a vast majority of riders and Harley Davidson bike lovers. According to the reports from Harley Davidson spokesperson, it will cost about 12000$ or more with the right type of accessories and rider gear. It will be available in black and red color.