Habits of Wealthiest People in the World

Habbits - Habits of Wealthiest People in the World

Are there habits wealthy people consistently practice that impact their success? Are there traits or strategies we can incorporate into our own day-to-day lives that can give us a better chance of financial success? Have you ever wondered what makes the rich people rich? What are the reasons that make them financially so strong and live a comfortable life. There are probably many of them that one must take into consideration. Tom Corley in his book “Rich Habits-The daily success habits of Individuals” suggests the difference between 128 people living poor life and 233 rich people. He found a significant difference in the daily routines of these two groups. Here are some of the things that were observed about the rich people.

Persistent and Determined

If you observe yourself, how much success have you achieved since now? Probably lower than 1% or equal to. If you would have been persistent you were not to be considered as normal person. Only the lack of determination and persistency makes you stay away from the list of wealthy people. Rich people, however, form the trait of being persistent and determined. They know how to push themselves to success. In a study, 67% of wealthy person spent less than one hour on watching TV; while 81% of them were good enough to control their feelings and words. 88% of them were spending at least half an hour on learning something new and gained knowledge. This high percentage of people who looked for knowledge is indicative of the need to progress with determination and is a pointer towards success.

Setting Realistic Goals

If you look at yourself, you will find that you have set number of goals since you started your professional life. Have you ever realized what makes you lag behind in attaining those goals? Probably, you didn’t set the goals rightly that were realistic and achievable. Wealthy people on the other hand, set goals that are realistic and stick to it. No matter, what sort of hurdles they come across nothing stops them. For example, if you are earning $900 per month by doing job of 8 hours. One day, you might come up new motivation and set goal to earn $250,000 a month. Now it is good to dream big but it must be in a possible way. Wealthy people may set small goals in the beginning that are achievable and realistic. This brings them success and consequently wealth.

They Find Advisor

Almost 93% of wealthy people had an advisor or mentor to guide them in right direction. It is difficult to find the mentor but once you get it your success will not be far away. Make sure not to choose mentors that are similar to you. Choose the one who possess greater capabilities and are ahead of you. A good advisor can help you in avoiding mistakes that have been done in the past. Advisors are true source of inspiration and spark your inner self to take the step and achieve your goals. They can help you in getting in contact with people like you.

Richest Ten Person of World in 20111 - Habits of Wealthiest People in the World

Positive Attitude

It is lack of positive attitude that might pull you down. As soon as you saw yourself failing, your positive attitude changed to negative and drove you away from achieving the goals? In Corley’s observation, wealthy people have a positive thinking on life. They are happy with whatever they have and were not having traits of common man. For example, 94% of them avoid gossiping, 98% of rich people believed in infinite opportunities and possibilities, 87% of them were living happy married life while 92% of them were happy with their health. In comparison with wealthy people, he also came up with finding the poor people beliefs and attitudes such as 53% of them were unhappy with married life, 85% of them were not happy with their jobs and career, 78% of them believed that optimism is not necessary for success while 77% of them believed in telling lies to gain success. Now you can make your own judgement!

Teach Themselves

As mentioned earlier, 88% of rich people spent minimum of half an hour to read and gain new knowledge. While 85% of them read two books per month. Biographies, inspirational, non-fictional and books related to business were commonly read by them. Not only rich people read books and gain knowledge but also implement it in their real life. One of the daily tasks on their busy schedule includes reading something useful. Most of them find reading books the best when they want to refresh themselves during the work hours while others read before going to bed.

Keep Track of Output

It is difficult for anyone to keep track of the output they have achieved because there are plenty of them on the list. However, rich people are keen in knowing their monthly and yearly progress. They keep an eye on the output and make sure not to lose track. As soon as they find them losing track, they just buckle up and start to put things up that could help them achieve goals. Setting and achieving goals is very difficult if you don’t have any tracker to measure your progress. If you want to achieve success, make sure to keep yourself up to date and stick to realistic goals that are possible to achieve.

Surrounded by Successful People

Rich people know the importance of being surrounded by the successful and goal oriented people. They are keen in developing themselves and staying away from negative thoughts that might distance them from achieving their goals. It is necessary to dedicate at least half an hour to nurturing your relationship. It can include things like giving advice, being a helpful friend or being surrounded by people who are living as a mark of success.

Following these habits will surely get you in the list of wealthy person.

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