GreenParking Introduces Electric Vehicle Chargers in Dubai

green parking 1 - GreenParking Introduces Electric Vehicle Chargers in Dubai

In Middle East automotive industry, GreenParking is the primary company of its kind, which was recently nominated as the prime dealers of EV-Chargers in Dubai by DEWA. It is also a part of the Government of Dubai Smart City enterprise. It has recently found that 8 EV mounts have been placed at various DEWA stations and another eighty four charging facilities are being placed across Emirates at various malls, government buildings, residential communities and airports. Every station will have the competency to charge 2 automobiles in a simultaneous manner.

green parking 2

On the launch, the Chief of Auctions and Developments at Green Parking Adam Ghandour said that our skillfully designed EV chargers have been unambiguously amended to function effectually in the environment of Middle East. We are currently in search for partners who could do a joint endeavor to build our very own double story green parking facility in which everything will have an eco-friendly advantage.

According to a research, it takes about four hours to completely charge an electric automobile which will make the vehicle cover a distance of approximately 100 kilometers on the road. Conversely, the distance can fluctuate from brand to brand, as there are also high-end rechargeable automobiles which have the proficiency of getting fully charged within ten to twenty minutes.

green parkingThe representatives at DEWA also says that the charging also depends on the brand of the car as an average charging may charge you about 3.00 AED. The motorists in Dubai can also get their hands on DEWA cards which they can use at community stations and pay the amount of their DEWA bill at the end of the month.