Green Tea and Exercise as Daily Guards against Alzheimer’s:

Green Tea and Exercise as Daily Guards against Alzheimer’s

What is a healthy lifestyle? Of course the one with minimum situations involving visits to your doctors. Everyone knows how haunting syndromes like Alzheimer can make a person ‘living dead’. But good news is that it’s curable now with a bit of luck.

A daily cup of green tea along with routine exercise may reverse Alzheimer. What else you need for your abnormally confused and frantic buddy or family member who is also on the verge of complete memory loss. If you see anyone around lacking in concern for whatever is going on in the surroundings, and seems to be agitated often then he might be suffering from Alzheimer. But this is not always the case. Be careful on making the final judgment. Doctors know better, keep consulting them.

Decelerate Alzheimer’s Progression through Green Tea: 

Many scientifically held researches endorse the selection and use of natural products to acquire the potential health benefits. Green tea is one of the natural products quite beneficial for good number of reasons.

After Turmeric and coconut oil, studies are suggesting green tea a good defense against Alzheimer. But these all are just the studies and not a thumb rule for Alzheimer’s cure.

Once considered the noxious disease having no treatment to get rid of it, Alzheimer now can be controlled and even treated.  How? Researchers have found a healing compound in green tea. This green tea extract named epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) helps in slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. For the best results to reverse the effects of Alzheimer, it is also suggested to have physical and mental exercises.

Green Tea

How EGCG and Exercise hinders A-beta levels Development:

Exercises coupled with daily dose of green tea may result in boosting human stamina to compete and knock out Alzheimer from one’s life forever.

Professor Todd Schachtman said “In Alzheimer’s patients, amyloid-beta peptide (A-beta) can accumulate and clump together causing amyloid plaques in the brain.”  He is professor of psychological sciences in College of Arts and Science (University of Missouri, USA)

EGCG impressively works on memory function and fights against the A-beta levels in mice known to illustrate the plaque deposits and the behavior deficits. It’s been too long, scientists were in search of something like EGCG. Now, they are hopeful that this green tea ingredient will also be effective for treatment and prevention of Alzheimer disease in humans.

Mice having Alzheimer’s symptoms were given EGCG added to drink and scientists found incredible improvement in the cognitive function plus retention when mice they allowed to run or exercise wheels.

Professor Grace Sun (Emerita of Biochemistry at MU) who was leading the team of biochemists said “Oral administration of the extract, as well as voluntary exercise, improved some of the behavioral manifestations and cognitive impairments of Alzheimer’s.”

Bottom Line:

Effects of exercise and of EGCG (compound in green tea) on A-beta levels in affected areas of the mice brain signifies that Alzheimer in humans can also be treated without drugs. Though there isn’t any specific medication to cure this fatal disease in true sense yet remedies to prevent its very first development are surely there.

This study has opened the new myriads of hope of once and for all treatment of Alzheimer. Take healthy food, enjoy green tea and execute your daily workout program to remain young, smart, and active for long.