Google Releases Chromebit Micro-PC

asus chromebit 1 - Google Releases Chromebit Micro-PC

It is really not how you wonder how big it is, but it is what you will be able to do with it. This amazing micro-PC gadget is considered to be the guiding principle behind the launch of latest gadget from Google. The Chromebit by Google is basically a computer, housed in a USB stick sized shell. After the launch of this amazing gadget by Google, it is hoping to introduce the new face category for computing. It is like a small dongle computer that can be directly plugged into any television or monitor. You will surely not be using your laptop after buying this amazing dongle like micro-PC known as “Chromebit” by Google. In the Middle East, the price is expected to be all under 100 dollars.

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Styling of Chromebit

You will be really surprised to see that the Chromebit by Google have the same looks of an oversize flash drive which you usually use for transferring and carrying your data. It will help you turn any of your monitor or television into a fully functioning computer after plugging it into an HDMI video port. It will be available in three colors and will also be featuring a “super-smart swivel” which means that you will be able to plug it in almost all types of HDMI port without the requirement of an extension cord.

Chromebit Features

Chromebit by Google is fully equipped with all types of extraordinary features by which you will be amazed after exploring them. It can be connected via Wi-Fi which means that after pluging it into TV set or monitor, you will be able to run Google Chrome browser, can check mail and watch videos on YouTube through Google Chrome operating system. According to Google, the company’s latest device will particularly be used in all educational institutions. If you are a traveler you will be pretty much satisfied by the use of this device as you will be able to plug it in the hotel television sets for your presentations or for checking mails.

Specifications of Chromebit

Chromebit of Google is equipped with a rock chip RK3288 processor. It also has 2 Gigabytes of RAM which is considered to be double than iPhone 6 making it faster. But it also has an issue which I think is not customer friendly and it is that you will have to use Google cloud storage system for saving your data and files. It will also offer you rapid and fast Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and also a USB 2.0 port at its back, which you can use to plug it in all of your external devices with ease. The Chromebit micro-PC device by Google also looks similar to the Intel’s Compute Stick which was released in January by Intel.

chromebit with tv

In a nutshell, the Chromebit device by Google is a small and cheap computer for the people with no accessories or screen. It will not be replacing the laptop technology in any manner or the tablet. However, it will be an affordable way for you to get your hands on a computer.