Giveaways – A latest trend in marketing

Mobile Marketing Trends for Holiday Season - Giveaways – A latest trend in marketing

There are plenty of ways in which you can introduce your brand and company in the market today. You might be an owner of small or medium sized company looking for opportunities to improve the brand awareness of the company in the market. That requires plenty of promotion strategies and marketing schemes to improve your business. One of these promotion strategies include giveaways for different customers for improving the business. The giveaways can go a long way in improving your business. They can build a relationship of trust and friendship between you and your customer. The number one thing that a customer will appreciate about giveaway is that you have provided him a chance to use one of your promotional offer or product for free.

What items should you give away?

The giveaway can also be some other type of gift that can be of significant value to the customer. For instance, if the customer is an avid fan of your company then he may become very happy in wearing one of your promotional t-shirts or caps. In addition you can also give him or her other accessories to complete the dress. He may carry the keychain engraved with your company’s monogram. Other things that you can offer for giveaways are the promotional pens and drink ware that can include products like insulated tumblers. You can also offer them hats that they can wear on sunny days. Some other types of giveaway items may include dress shirts and company designed bags that the customer can take to his work. He or she may also be given a tote bag so that he can carry it while shopping. You can inscribe a short one line of quote on the tote bag to deliver your company’s message.

Benefits of Giveaways

Everyone likes to receive free gifts, especially if they are nicely packed in an attractive bag. Although the giveaways might increase your expenses in the long run, but in reality they are helping in promoting your business. The giveaways will increase the brand value of your business. There are many companies that offer promotional items at a discounted price. Remember if you provided an economical item as a giveaway it doesn’t mean that your company is lagging in terms of market. Even many leading companies can offer economically priced giveaways for customers. That is because they are emphasizing on economy of cost. When the produce large number of giveaways they have to look for items that can be economical on their budget.

What your giveaway should convey?

The customers can still enjoy their giveaway because it can be something of value. Even a simple handy tool like multi-faceted compass with your company’s monogram can make a lasting impact on your customers. It can also improve your marketing strategy if you promote your products accurately in your customer’s mind. If you are a marketing company then your giveaways should deliver your marketing strategy effectively. The idea of using the promotional giveaways is to connect with audience. You should give those giveaways that are valuable to the audience. One of the important things to remember is the time when you offer giveaways to the customers. They can be given when it is a festive season. That is because during this time the customers can be very thankful of the gifts they have received. That will increase number of customers to your company. The giveaways can be given on tradeshows or when the customers visit your office. You can also provide them from your company’s website.

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