Give smart look to your bathroom with 5 crafty ideas

ba2 - Give smart look to your bathroom with 5 crafty ideas

Gasp! I’m telling you a secret that for me, my bathroom is world’s most peaceful place (of course after my bedroom). How come? Certainly because I make it the one with innovative ideas. I refurbish it just like dressing up my kids as any specific occasion demands.

Your bathrooms may not be spacious enough to accommodate all your important stuff yet you may fine-tune your things and their holders to add volume to it

Furnish your today’s messy bathroom with handy and crafty ideas to make it tomorrow’s vibrantly incredible place of your house. Here are some ideas:

  1. Homemade Aroma Diffusers:

Gulf residents love using aroma diffusers in their homes. I add it to my bathroom too because after kitchen, I think this is the place that need air fresheners the most. If you don’t want ultrasonic/electric one in your bathroom, you can make it yourself.

Just take a stylish jar, add some coffee beans or cinnamon sticks depending what odor you like (don’t overload) and then place vanilla candle in it. You can attach cinnamon sticks to vanilla candle and place it in jar that can be hanged to bathroom wall (save the space).

Bathroom design

  1. Cake Stands & Spice racks for Bath Products:

If you are living in gulf state and in a flat then your bathroom need additional stands and holders. Sigh! I am the one.

Few days back I added bath and other body care products according to season, I realized how small my bathroom is to keep all that. That day I realize I need more space in my bathroom. Then I used old serving dishes to bring volume and beauty to my bathroom.

You can also do so by using cake stands to beautifully store your bath products.  I prefer geometric serving stand as it covers less area but holds many things.


  1. Cloud style holders:

Cloud concrete holders will help you in putting surplus things like toilet rolls, rolled towels or shampoos etc. As in picture, you can make the same curving stand fixed to card board (easy to fix on wall) from plastic bottles or ice cream cups (more easy to use). But make sure that plastic is stiff enough to take on weight of rolls and towels.

ba4 - Give smart look to your bathroom with 5 crafty ideas

  1. Wall-mounted laundry hampers:

Dirty clothes? Big deal to cope with especially if you have kids and living in fast pacing place like Gulf. For small bathrooms, you can use hoop hampers and get rid of untidy look. This usually happens when cloths are hung on wall hooks. Now use these hooks for hampers (on walls or at door back), save the space and keep everything in order.

ba11 - Give smart look to your bathroom with 5 crafty ideas

  1. Add Extra shelves and Hanging Storage:

Spice racks can be used to create additional shelving to add volume and beauty to your bathroom. You can also use empty shampoo containers for making hanging storage. Kitchen utensil tray can also be used for organizing your bathroom toiletries. It will be fabulous. Isn’t it?

ba81 - Give smart look to your bathroom with 5 crafty ideas

Every season, add spice to your life and decorate every inch of your house with trendy to funky and some vintage ideas and accessories.