George Khabbaz and Suzi Nassif

George Khabbaz

George Khabbaz is an inspiration for Suzi Nassif

Suzi Nassif is a globally famous artist with amazing talent. Her works have been acknowledged as highly creative. She has won many awards all over the world for her works. She has exhibited in more than ten countries and has traveled worldwide to have an impact with her audience. She has been completely inspired by George Khabbaz who is a Lebanese intellectual and artist. He is a subject in one of her famous pop art paintings.

George Khabbaz is a Tv personality, an artists, a thinker, and a producer. He was first filmed in the movie named Under the Bombs that talked about the GCC conflicts and the war in Lebanon. His great work won him intense claim to fame. He has also been on different TV shows as an actor and his work has always brought him recognition. He has been featured in 25 shows so far. His creativity has inspired Suzi Nassif. As a television and cinema actor he has been recognized for his superior work.

Acting not the only field that has brought him recognition. He is also a composer of great music. He is a director of plays, a playwright and a producer. He was the scriptwriter for the famous movie that was released in 2014 under the title of Waynon. He has acted in the popular film called Ghadi.

George Khabbaz comes from a talented family of artists. His father was a well-known actor. He acted in plays entitled, Les Miserables, Sidewalk and Parisiana. His father also performed in many TV plays and had his claim to fame. Therefore, Khabbaz inherited his talents.

Khabbaz’s mother was also a creative woman. She was an actress who played diverse roles in various dramas. She was an active person organizing festivals in the local church and was adored by the community. She influenced Khabbaz a lot during his early years. His parents were his first school in the world of performing arts.

Khabbaz started as an actor as early as at the age of 4. This was when he played in the school play called Saint Maron’s Life. His performance was admired by all. It instilled the love of performing arts in his art and laid foundations of his career. He studied musical science and performing arts as part of his education as well. His education allowed him to be a better performer and know the art deeply.

He has always worked from the depth of his heart. He has made efforts to entertain and educate his audience. His works give strong messages to his audience and this is the reason he has a large number of fans all over the world.

His creativity resonates with the creativity depicted by Suzi’s Art. The greatness of his works elevates his status. He is a subject in the portrait by Suzi Nassif. She has entitled the artwork in his name. It shows the artistic connect between them and reveals how art can connect great minds together.


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