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Frida Kahlo was a self-taught artist. Most of Frida Kahlo art style relate to religious votive paintings. The streetcar accident changed the path of her life. To kill boredom during the period of convalescence she decided to begin painting.  Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera had a large collection of votive paintings that sparked the curiosity of their fans.  Most of Frida Kahlo’s ex-votos were filled with her fears and tribulations.




In the painting Diego and I, she depicts her deep disappointment from the affair Maria Felix had with Rivera. The loose hair around her neck signifies strangulation. Fulang-Chang & I was among the many Self-portrait paintings of Frida where she is upbeat. It was her first portrait with a pet and in the prime of her beauty. In one of Frida’s Self-portrait paintings, she wears a Thorn necklace to depict Christ like thorny crown. Her self-portraits are brutally honest about her personal life and suffering. The portraits revealed a lot about how she psychologically dealt with her problems.



In fact, Frida Khalo underwent 30+ surgeries in the course of her life. Her marriage to a famous painter Diego Rivera was turbulent.

The Virgin Of Sorrows

A common theme in some of her paintings is the depiction of blood. Firstly, she underwent physical pain through the loss of a child, accident, and psychological pain she endured due to a difficult marriage with Diego Rivera. The Two Fridas, for example, represents different times in her life. The painting depicts her dual nature, one before marriage when she was completely self-reliant and the other trying to hold on to the husband.


Frida Kahlo’s The Broken Column painting is metaphorical about her own pain. In the painting, her body is broken and only held together using a harness. The sharp nails flog her body as a symbol of her suffering. She is in a barren land of despair.



Some of Frida Kahlo art style are macabre for instance, The Henry Ford Hospital (1944) painting.  It reflects what she underwent while at the Henry Ford Hospital when she had a miscarriage. Although she uses the votive format in Henry Ford Hospital painting, she places herself in the middle of it.



She painted what was going through her head. Both her artwork and life was interesting. The Lebanese artist, Suzi Nassif also paints what she is thinking. A lot of Suzi Nassif paintings show Frida Kahlo and her appreciation of the wonderful woman she was. Suzi’s paintings are also a symbol of her inner monologue.

Suzi Nassif

Numerous events in the life of Frida Khalo were prevalent such as morbidity and violence. Her viewers can see right through her world from the self-portraits. When she was lying in her hospital bed, she painted the self-portraits using a mirror.  Frida declined painting dreams (surrealism) but her own reality. This boldness inspires Suzi Nassif too. She admired the Mexican culture as seen in some of her paintings. The bottom line is the paintings of Frida Khalo are easier to view than explain. Her painting of family tree was communicating a political message. It was a protest against Nazi’s policy of racial purity because she had a background of mixed heritage. Overall, Frida Kahlo was one of the greatest female artists in her time.

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